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Female scientist using a BioSpectrometer photometer

Photometer Instruments


About Photometer Instruments

Photometers are within the top 10 most commonly used general laboratory equipment. Thus, photometric analysis are among the most frequently used applications in modern laboratories and are often found at the very beginning of a lab workflow. Subsequent tests are consequently prepared according to photometric determinations. If these determinations are based on incorrect data, the errors could accumulate exponentially throughout the workflow and, in worst case scenario, generate inaccurate results. That is precisely why dependable and accurate photometric measuring results are extremely important. And since photometric measurements can only be as good as the combination of instrument and accessory, the choice of cuvette is just as crucial as the selection of the correct instrument itself.

Believing in raw data?

In general, the purity of a DNA solution is easily defined using purity ratios. It is possible that reduced purity may be attributed to the fact that the sample is solubilized in water instead of in buffer. Since water and buffer have different properties, the absorbance of the sample being measured will be affected by this disparity.
For this reason, the BioSpectrometer is capable of recording a “Purity Scan” which displays the absorbance properties of a sample graphically, thus enabling fast and simple visual quality control.

Looking for easy-to-read results?

In addition, all important raw data pertaining to the DNA sample are displayed in table format. The table optionally lists the purity ratios (A260/A230 and A260/A280), the absorbance values (raw data), as well as the background absorbance, e.g. at 320nm.
Thus, the two display formats complement each other perfectly to allow for an evaluation of the quality of a DNA sample.

Left? Right? Up? Down?

Clear indications for positioning the cuvette for convenient handling and safe results.