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VisioNize® - Digital Lab Solution

"Who doesn't want to enjoy more peace of mind when it comes to the daily lab life?

VisioNize® is the Eppendorf digital platform, delivering valuable services in and around the Eppendorf devices. With VisioNize at your side, you can continuously improve your lab life.

One important asset in the laboratory are the instruments. Digital tools such as the VisioNize Lab Device Monitoring can support you and your lab in the future.

Reasons for connecting you and your lab:

• Manage your lab remotely from anywhere at anytime
• Increase productivity and avoid lab equipment downtime through customized notifications
• Easily create device data documentation

The VisioNize Lab Device Monitoring works with two components, VisioNize-onboard devices with the integrated VisioNize touch interface, and the VisioNize services accessible through our VisioNize Digital Lab Space, where you can among other functionalities monitor your devices remotely."

Greater control, insight and reproducibility with fewer manual touches

Combine the longevity of your Eppendorf lab devices with digital solutions. Browse through a range of digital lab management solutions from Eppendorf helping you to evolve your lab life. Discover solutions for sample and information management from eLab and better manage your lab and lab assets with with VisioNize® .

Want to learn more?

Streamlined processes and operations are crucial for a successful laboratory. Discover smart lab management software solutions for increased productivity when handling routine tasks in your lab.

"The laboratory of the future will be digital with varying degrees of automation and smart solutions empowering you to focus on your next breakthrough ."
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