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Mastertip® - Biomaster® Pipette Tips

Product Information

Handle any type of liquid with the Mastertip from Eppendorf and your Biomaster® pipette! With its integrated piston, this positive displacement pipette tip prevents contamination and guarantees accurate pipetting of viscous solutions, volatile liquids, or precious samples.

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Sets & Bundles (1)

  • Eppendorf Quality
  • 20 µL, 52 mm, light gray
  • 480 tips (5 racks × 96 tips)
  • Eppendorf tip with piston, assembled ready-to-use
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Catalog no. 0030001320

Product Information


Mastertip positive displacement pipette tips guarantee contamination-free, precise pipetting of viscous solutions, volatile, high vapor pressure liquids, and precious samples. Designed for the Biomaster® positive displacement pipette from Eppendorf, Mastertip pipette tips have an integrated piston which ensures that any type of liquid is fully dispensed and protects the pipette from contamination.

Ideal for sterile working conditions and flexible applications
Mastertip positive displacement pipette tips can be autoclaved once, and are ideal for a wide range of applications as they do not contain silicone oil and are resistant to triethylamine.