Eppendorf India receives expanded NABL Accreditation for calibration service for Temperature, Speed and Time

With the existing NABL accreditation for Pipette calibration, Eppendorf India receives expanded NABL accreditation for calibration service in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for Temperature (Thermal), Speed (Mechanical) and Time (Electro-Technical). We can perform these NABL calibration onsite for various laboratory instruments such as centrifuges, incubators (CO2 and BOD), incubator shakers, freezers (Cryo, ULT, -45 °C, -20 °C), Thermomixer or dry bath, water bath, autoclave, etc.

Calibration and certification of performance of instruments make sure that your instruments are performing to specifications. With the accreditation range of +200°C to -195°C for Temperature, 25 rpm – 30000 rpm for Speed and 60 sec to 3600 sec for Time, we can now provide a certified calibration for your range of laboratory instruments.

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Brush up your knowledge

New seminar program 2015 now with course on cell culture basics

Profit from our experience in liquid handling, automation, cell technology and cell culture. In our practice-orientated seminars, you can learn something new or just brush up your knowledge. We offer courses in German, French and English in small groups. Each successful participant receives a certificate.

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Eppendorf India launches new website

Access the complete range of Eppendorf premium laboratory products

Eppendorf has launched a new, updated version of its India website. Customers can now access everything they need to make informed purchase decisions on the complete range of Eppendorf premium laboratory products. Visitors to the site can order free consumables samples, take advantage of current promotional offers, and access valuable service and customer support such as the Eppendorf epServices offering - all from within a single, easy to navigate location.

The Website contains all Eppendorf product lines including an extensive array of bioprocess products. With an all-inclusive set of technical information, including FAQ's, operating manuals, catalogues and brochures, application notes and material data safety sheets, customers have easy access to all the information they require to ensure their equipment fulfils their precise needs.


Mobile pipette calibration facility at your doorstep!

Now available in Chennai & Bengaluru

Pipette Calibration on Call - Now available in Chennai & Bengaluru

Mobile pipette calibration facility at your doorstep!

Pipette Calibration is a very important part of any laboratory’s routine. Calibration ensures that pipettes are always working according to specifications and keeping the pipette error-free while doing daily dispensing. To facilitate easier calibration and maintenance of your pipettes, Eppendorf is pleased to announce the availability of “Mobile Pipette Calibration Facility” in Chennai & Bengaluru. A fully equipped vehicle for this purpose is now available. Contact us to get the vehicle to your facility. The calibration will be conducted in the parking lot of your facility! What’s more, the calibration certificate will also be issued instantly. No hassles to send the pipettes and wait for days to get the report!

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Winner 2014 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology

U.S. scientist Eiman Azim, has won the 2014 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology.

Eiman Azim, Ph.D.

The U.S. scientist Eiman Azim, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Columbia University in New York has won the 2014 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology. Eiman Azim’s work offers fundamental new insights into the neural mechanisms that enable skilled limb movements to be both smooth and precise.

Read more about Eiman Azim’s work here.


It’s Your sample!

Get quick and easy access to all information about Eppendorf consumables now!

We created the new consumables landing page to give you quick and easy access to all important product information on Eppendorf consumables grouped by the topics “Leachables”, “Quality” and “Purity”. Comprehensive collections of applications, certificates, publications etc. are available for download. Watch our video about the production of our consumables and have a look behind the scenes how Eppendorf consumables are produced according to the highest quality and purity standards. They are manufactured from carefully selected and purest raw materials. Fully automated production in a clean room environment excludes human interaction and possible contamination. The strictest control criteria monitored internally and externally, guarantee superior consistency of the products and thus your experimental results -- lot by lot.

Or find the Eppendorf consumables App for free. In our new App you can browse through all relevant information on our consumables. A real high light to use in your laboratory.

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NEW: Scan your epPoints® codes!

Entering your epPoints codes is now much easier!

Entering your epPoints codes is now much easier! Many new epPoints stickers carry a QR code which allows you to scan your epPoints codes using the camera of your mobile device, for example your smartphone or tablet PC.

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Eppendorf licenses technology for thermal cyclers to SensoQuest

Eppendorf AG has licensed patents covering gradient technology for thermal cyclers to SensoQuest GmbH, including German patent Nos. DE 196 55 282 and DE 196 55 141. Eppendorf utilizes the technology in its Eppendorf Mastercycler® pro gradient and Mastercycler nexus gradient models.


New: TruSeq® Stranded mRNA

Next Automated NGS Library Preparation Method for the Eppendorf epMotion: TruSeq® Stranded mRNA

Today Eppendorf announces the availability of the epMotion automation method for Illumina’s TruSeq Stranded mRNA library preparation kit for next-generation sequencing as “Illumina Qualified.” “Illumina Qualified” indicates that Illumina’s analysis of libraries prepared with this epMotion method has shown the libraries to perform comparably to those prepared manually.
For next generation sequencing systems a variety of sample preparation kits are available. These kits are needed to convert either DNA or RNA samples into sequencing ready libraries, a procedure that includes many steps and can be time consuming. RNA sequencing requires additional steps – either the depletion of unwanted ribosomal or the positive selection of mRNA from total RNA samples. Due to the complexity of the library construction methods, automation is regarded as highly useful.
The epMotion method can be used for the automated construction of 8, 16 or 24 libraries starting with 100 – 1000 ng of total RNA together with Illumina’s TruSeq Stranded mRNA kit. The overall hands-on time is less than 1.5 hours, while the total run time of the entire procedure is ~11.5 hours for 24 samples. Minimized hands-on time & high reproducibility with this automated method help to streamline and standardize the sequencing workflow.
Additional automated methods for NGS library preparation from Illumina are currently in development.


New epMotion 96

New epMotion 96 dramatically improves productivity and efficiency when working with 96 well plates

The new epMotion 96 from Eppendorf provides an ideal, time-saving solution for scientists undertaking the repetitive task of working with 96 or 384 format microplates or deep-well plates within life science research laboratories and pharmaceutical and industry laboratories. The epMotion 96 allows easy, rapid handling with high precision and accuracy compared to multi-channel manual pipettes and thanks to its ability to dispense into all 96 wells at the same time, makes it possible to simultaneously start or stop a biological assay for all wells in a plate. The system also makes the task more comfortable and efficient for laboratory workers by greatly reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury caused by manual pipetting.

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