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Shared Values and Common Goals

There is nothing quite like pharma research and development. The rewards of creating lifesaving and enhancing drugs make all the steps across the lengthy discovery process worth it. We are as fascinated and dedicated to the developmental journey as you are. As a life science company, with over 75 years of experience, we also know that reaching the desired goals comes down to the right partnership - one built on a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its many facets. That’s why our customers and partners can expect the kind of service that addresses every one of their needs. Whether seen in workflow-enhancing products and new digital innovations, or sustainability targets, we’re there with the kind of experience, passion, and excitement that gets things done. Just what you’d expect from a family-owned company with more than 4,000 employees and nine R&D productions in 26 countries.

Success build on Understanding

Faster workflow

A drug’s journey from concept to patient takes years. That's why it's so important to operate as efficiently as possible within the workflow. To achieve this, equipment throughput must be maximized and devices optimally maintained. This helps avoid downtime due to breakdowns or disruptions and speeds up the process.

Our products are designed with faster R&D workflows in mind to accelerate time-to-market and create a lasting competitive advantage. To achieve this, you need to rely on products and services that ensure maximum efficiency at every step. Our high-quality solutions are all engineered around the kind of functionality and intuitive performance necessary to speed up workflows, secure reproducibility, and accelerate the desired results.

streamlined processes

Pharmaceutical research is an enormous undertaking and costs considerable time and money. To deliver the required results on time and within budget, it is important to make the processes as effective as possible. The ability to support all intermediate steps with matching solutions, intuitive features and increased automation boosts productivity and performance.

In optimal pharma R&D environments, every step and function is effortlessly connected to the others. With our process-improving aspects like advanced equipment, intuitive features, and reliable process monitoring, we help you to streamline your processes; for more productivity across the board, so that researchers can focus on what matters. That`s what we call effective.

Reliable Results

In pharmaceutical research, countless samples are processed simultaneously. Impurities in containers or broken tools can lead to incorrect results and false conclusions being drawn. As a result, work steps have to be repeated. That is why reliability and reproducibility needs to be 100% at every step.

Our solutions, service portfolio and high-quality products ensure that you get reliable results with the required accuracy and reproducibility you need for your assurance. For 75 years, Eppendorf has stood for absolute quality, reliability and robust performance. Our comprehensive product and service portfolio reflects our full commitment to continuously drive pharmaceutical innovation and best-equip all those finding tomorrow's breakthroughs.

compliance with requirements

For pharmaceutical research, there are a multitude of global and regional regulatory frameworks as well as internal standards. Adding to this are the various sustainable goals and accountability criteria of individual companies. The result is often an intimidating list of compliance requirements to meet. Keeping up with all these steps and quality assurance aspects can be very challenging, stressful and time consuming.

Our comprehensive services and products are designed to help reduce this complexity. After all, when it comes to documentation, quality management, sustainability, calibration and qualification, you want a reliable partner on your side. We embed compliance requirements and quality assurance into products and services. Whether it is complying with standards or providing licenses and documentation. Only then can you get the peace of mind required to keep making a difference.

Understanding what's really important

Socially responsible - Eppendorf Sustainability

The demand for more sustainable products and production methods places an immense amount of responsibility on both pharma suppliers and developers.As a fundamental value we are not only striving for ever more sustainable products but are also aware of our significant responsibility as an employer and supplier. Similarly, our commitment to social responsibility and accountability can be seen in various projects fostering social justice, health, education and better living conditions.

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Reliable partner – Eppendorf Service

Working with us means always having a professional and easily accessible team of dedicated experts, who are always there when needed. Whether ensuring that equipment is operating at peak performance, like on-site pipette calibration and freezer maintenance, or consultation, training, or qualification support, you can count on us to provide the right solution both remote and in person.

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Prepared for tomorrow (ready today) – Eppendorf Lab Digitalization

The ongoing digitalization of the pharma work landscape brings with it tremendous, workflow-enhancing features. We are a dynamic part of this development and offer a wide array of effective, secure and future-ready digital solutions. From data management and auditing support, to documentation, maintenance, monitoring and data integrity, we offer solutions for optimal lab management practices and an agile workforce.

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Smart solutions // Passion quality – Eppendorf OEM

Eppendorf laboratory products are internationally known for their intelligent solutions and exceptional quality and can be customized to meet your requirements. Whether for medical technology, biotechnology, or industrial analytics, our OEM products ensure that everything works as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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Biopharma mAb Research – Eppendorf Solutions

From hit to lead to candidate, we guide you through! Driven to support you to tackle obstacles on every level, we offer you best fit solutions - for each process step of mAb discovery.

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Reduce complexity – Eppendorf Compliance

We’re dedicated to safety, accountability and sustainability. That’s why we not only deliver all products inside specifications but also help our clients meet the many demands of quality management.

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