Classical protein biochemistry concerns itself with the understanding of the biological function of a protein, its amino acid composition, its structure and binding partners, the subcellular localization of the protein and finally its physiological role in the organism. Besides applications in research, biochemical methods are used in the food industry for the detection of allergens and pathogens, in drug discovery for the identification and validation of target molecules and for the analysis of transgenic organisms. An additional important field is biotechnological protein production (e.g. enzymes, antibodies).



The New Brunswick Shakers are robust and flexible shakers that provide very broad temperature capabilities for culturing a wide variety of organisms. With our comprehensive range of bioprocess solutions microorganisms can be cultivated under controlled conditions, e.g. using single-use vessels. 

  • Shakers
    • Stackable – up to three units for maximum space savings
    • Programmable Innova controls automatically changes temperature, speed and optional photosynthetic and UV germicidal lights at timed intervals
    • Versatile accessory platform (sold separately) accommodates flasks
      up to 5 L
    • Slide-out platform mechanism — provides easy and effortless access
      to flasks located in the front and back of the shaker/incubator
    • Built-in water reservoir humidifies chamber to reduce sample evaporation, while also protecting unit from spills, includes a drain
      for easy cleaning.
  • Bioprocess Systems
    • Comprehensive and scalable hardware and software solutions for R&D, process development, pilot, and production in both cell culture and microbiology
    • Small scale and scale down models, parallel operated bioreactors, bench scale solutions, and sterilize-in-place systems
    • Covering working volumes of 60mL - 2,400L
  • CO2 Incubators
    • 48 to 170 L models, partly with integrated shaker
    • NEW: CellXpert® CO2 incubator family
    • High temperature disinfection (HTD) included
    • Fanless design and deep-drawn chamber for easy and reliable contamination prevention
    • Benchtop, Under Bench, Floor or Stackable
  • Dishes, Flasks & Plates
    • ConvexAccess™ geometry for facilitated access to entire growth
      for easier and safe cell treatment
    • Optimized gas exchange and protection against contamination
      by high efficiency air filter technology
    • Defined arrested position with plug-seal caps to prevent undesired closing
    • Anti-rolling cap with corrugation facilitates cultivation steps when
      the cap needs to be set aside
    • 100% in-line control for leakage-free flasks and maximum safety
  • Conical Tubes
    • Premium USP class 6 raw material and no use of slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides during manufacturing ensure highest sample integrity, high...
    • Cap with flattened and grooved sides supports a user-friendly ergonomic handling, enables a stable upright positioning, and minimizes contamination risk.
    • Reliable and safe labelling due to a large writing area on the tube and due to a flat and light-colored cap.
    • Precise dimensions enable maximum compatibility with centrifuge rotors, mixers and shakers.
    • Sterile, pyrogen-, DNase-, RNase-, and DNA-free. Each individual lot is checked and certified for quality and purity
Preparation & Purification

Preparation & Purification

To prepare and purify your samples you can choose between automated or manual systems. Centrifuge you samples with up to 30,000 g and be more efficient while saving time. These options are completed with a broad range of consumables such as our LoRetention Tips.

  • Centrifuges
    • Max. rotor capacity: 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL vessels
    • Max. speed: 20,238 × g (14,680 rpm)
    • OptiBowl® design for quiet operation, even without a rotor lid
    • Soft-touch one-finger lid closure for ergonomic operation
    • SOFT brake to protect sensitive samples
  • Pipettes & Tips
    • The ultralight Research was developed according to the strict criteria of the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept.
    • Eppendorf PerfectPiston®: Ultralight and highly resistant piston system
    • The positions and shapes of the control buttons/displays have been optimized for stress-free work procedures and intuitive operation
    • The spring-loaded tip cone provides you with an optimal pipette fit with minimal insertion force (not available for 5 mL and 10 mL pipettes)
    • The adjustment option allows you to perfectly adapt the pipette for specific liquids or other external conditions.
  • LoRetention Tips
    • Ultrahomogenous surface for maximum reproducibility
    • Ultrahydrophobic surface for minimal sample loss
    • Significantly reduced foam formation during pipetting
    • Increase in reproducibility, e.g. for sensitive PCR and real-time PCR applications
    • Extreme resistance to chemicals
  • Thermo mixing devices
    • Heating, mixing and cooling in all common vessel and plate formats from 5 µL to 50 mL
    • Increased mixing frequency up to 3,000 rpm (depending on the SmartBlock used)
    • Excellent mixing performance due to unique 2DMix-Control technology
    • Anti-spill technology prevents lid wetting and cross-contamination
    • Reliable prevention of condensate formation with the new ThermoTop (condens.protect®)
  • LoBind Consumables
    • LoBind material guarantees maximum sample recovery for improved assay results
    • Free of surface coating (e.g., silicone) to minimize the risk of sample interference
    • Lot-tested and certified free of DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors (PCR clean)
    • Available in tube, microplate, and deepwell plate formats for easy-up scaling
    • Precise lid sealing for minimum evaporation rates
Quantification & Analysis

Quantification & Analysis

With the Eppendorf Detection equipment protein quantification, kinetic studies, ELISA or fluorescence detection can be performed. Choose between cuvette based measurements or preparations in a plate. A variety of accessories and consumables expands the options even further.

  • Photometers
    • UV/Vis spectral range 200 nm to 830 nm
    • Freely selectable wavelengths across the entire UV/Vis spectral range (increment: 1 nm)
    • Compatible with microliter measuring cells and standard cuvettes
    • Temperature controlled cuvette shaft in the BioSpectrometer kinetc (20 °C to 42 °C in 0.1 °C increments)
    • Fluorescence intensity measuruements across a range of 0.5 nM to 2,000 nM fluorescein with the BioSpectrometer fluorescence
  • Cuvettes
    • Suitable for measuring small volumes (≥50 µL)
    • UV and Vis-transparent between 220 nm and 1,600 nm
    • Two built-in optical path lengths in a single cuvette-just turn the UVette 90° to change from 10 mm and 2 mm
    • Volume markings for 500 µL and 1,000 µL
    • Available in individually packaged PCR clean and protein-free quality
  • Microvolume cuvette
    • Microvolume measuring cell for measuring 1.5 - 10 µL sample volumes
    • Low self-absorption (≤0.05 A @ 260 nm)
    • Hydrophobic surface coating on quartz glass for precise formation and positioning of the sample volume
    • Simple cleaning to minimize the risk of sample carry-over
    • A defined angle for folding the sides of the cuvette quarantees reproducible handling
  • Reader Plates
    • UV-VIS microplates feature an ultrathin film bottom for excellent light transmission in the UV range
    • Black Microplates offer an excellent signal-to-noise ratio - for clear signals even with low-concentration samples
    • White Eppendorf Microplates are optimized for highest sensitivity in the detection of luminescence signals by maximizing reflection
    • Solid black and white assay plates are made of polypropylene resulting in high resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress and temperature extremes
    • All plates are optimized for minimal autofluorescence and autoluminescence
  • Pipettes & Tips
    • The unique one-button operation offers a fast and ergonomic handling with reduced operating effort and active aerosol reduction. To avoid an accidential tip ejection a clear haptic feedback is provided.
    • The spring loaded tip cone improves user to user reproducibility and improved ergonomics by lowering tip attachment force
    • The Reference 2 multi channel offers a high flexibility incl a spring-loaded tip cone which can be switched on/off optionally
    • The secondary adjustment supports the easy adjustment of your Reference 2 for the most accurate pipetting of different liquids or other external conditions without the need for a full calibration.
    • The quick lock enables an easy cleaning and maintenance of your pipette.


The New Brunswick freezers meet the highest standards for quality in regard to performance, sample security, and convenience. To concentrate your samples prior to the storage, the Concentrator plus is available as well as our LoBind Tubes and Plates to safely store your valuable sample.

  • Freezer
    •   Provides 30% more storage capacity than freezers of equal size
    • Inner doors in upright models are gasketed and insulated creating three separate compartments minimizing cold air loss
    • Unique heated air vent with plunger to clear ice buildup and to relieve vacuum formation to gain immediate access to the freezer
    • Built-in voltage stabilizer on U535, U725, C585 and C760 freezers provides extra sample security
  • Deepwell Plates
    • OptiTrack® matrix: 30 % faster sample identification and fewer pipetting errors via high-contrast alphanumeric labeling
    • Conical RecoverMax® well design: Optimized well geometry for maximum sample recovery and excellent mixing properties
    • Minimal remaining volume and high uniformity from well to well
    • Raised well rims and smooth surface for reliable closing, even with heat sealing
    • Easy and reliable stacking
  • LoBind Consumables
    • LoBind material guarantees maximum sample recovery for improved assay results
    • Free of surface coating (e.g., silicone) to minimize the risk of sample interference
    • Lot-tested and certified free of DNA, DNAase, RNase and PCR inhibitors (PCR clean)
    • Available in tube, microplate, and deepwell plate formats for easy-up scaling
    • Precise lid sealing for minimum evaporation rates
  • Sealing options
    • Storage Film and Foil glued seals for simple and dependable sealing during sample storage
    • Heat Sealing Film and foil for continuous locking with the best evaporation protection (see heat sealing materials)
    • Foil products are made of aluminum, can be pierced, and protect light-sensitive samples
    • Film products are transparent and provide protection against unwanted punctures
    • Eppendorf Plate Lid: stable, flexible protection of samples during short-term storage
  • Concentrator
    • Comes in 3 system configurations
    • Extremely quite operation <50 dB(A)
    • Chemical-resistant, maintenance-free PTFE diaphragm pump eliminates the need for changing up pump oil
    • Small footprint saves valuable bench space
    • Wide variety of 15 different rotor options to accommodate tubes from 0.2 mL to 50 mL, microplates and PCR plates