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When working in SARS-CoV-2-research and vaccine development, reliable results are important. At Eppendorf we want to help you to optimize your results by providing the right equipment and tools.

Now more than ever, it is important to understand the nature of your samples and the likelihood of those samples posing a risk not only to other samples but also to the scientists who are handling them and the wider laboratory.

That scientist is you!

Eppendorf has products designed to speed up results and to protect you:

  • Our centrifuges offer innovative safety features including fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors with verified aerosol-tightness.
  • Our range of manual pipettes and tips provides ergonomic, safe and accurate liquid handling tools.
  • Our CO2 incubators provide a safe, easy to sterilize environment for your cells.
  • Our range of automated liquid handlers reduces human involvement, speeds up your workflows and improves result accuracy.
  • Our bioprocessing solutions enable rapid progress during vaccine research and development.

In addition, Eppendorf has a variety of  articles and downloadable tools that help you and your laboratory colleagues learn how to work safer to minimize the risk of aerosol contamination in the laboratory.

When growing viral cultures it’s important to reduce the risk of contamination with easy and effective 180 °C high temperature disinfection.

Don´t risk your results! Preventive pipette maintenance, calibration and adjustment services from Eppendorf to ensure reproducible results.

Centrifuges can be a source of bioaerosols, and therefore, it is highly recommended to take adequate precautions.

Are the tools in your lab compliant to the IVD Directive? Do they need to be?


To support regulatory compliance in EU and EFTA* countries Eppendorf offers not only its manual pipettes and centrifuges in two versions, but also epT.I.P.S.® pipette tips and Eppendorf Tubes®: EU-IVD compliant CE marked versions according to IVD directive 98/79/EC and "General Lab Product" versions for research use. EU-IVD compliant products give peace of mind by supporting your documentation and accreditation requirements where needed.

It is an easy choice, because both versions follow the same extremely high quality standards at Eppendorf. We are not making any compromises when it comes to precision, accuracy, robustness, safety and ergonomics.

*EFTA: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland

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Wir helfen, COVID-19 zu besiegen

Eppendorf hat seit 75 Jahren eine klare Mission: Die Lebensbedingungen der Menschen zu verbessern. Die aktuellen Herausforderungen durch das Corona-Virus sind für uns somit Auftrag und Ansporn zugleich: Wir unterstützen Wissenschaftler, Forscher und Diagnostiker auf der ganzen Welt im Kampf gegen COVID-19.

Dafür konzentrieren wir uns auf zwei Schwerpunkte:

  • Die Sicherstellung der Gesundheit unserer weltweit tätigen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter.
  • Die Belieferung von Laboren mit modernsten, innovativen Geräten und hochwertigen Verbrauchsartikeln zur Entwicklung von Tests, mit denen festgestellt wird, ob jemand mit dem Corona-Virus infiziert ist, und zur Suche nach Impfstoffen und wirksamen Medikamenten gegen das Corona-Virus.

Unser oberstes Ziel ist, dass wir dafür die Produktions- und Lieferfähigkeit von Eppendorf sicherstellen, damit die Pandemie schnell und effizient eingedämmt und das Virus sicher und nachhaltig bekämpft werden kann.

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Business Continuity in Times of COVID-19