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The Lab 4.0 is advancing. Tune in and see how visionary technologies support your and your labs needs.

Your research enhanced with digital solutions

Stream lined processes and operations are crucial for a successful laboratory. Once considered a vision, digitalization of the lab is becom ing reality thanks to the advent of innovative digital lab solutions that aim to increase productivity w hen handling routine tasks in your lab.

And when it comes to digitalization, connectivity is key.

Join the digital revolution!

We’re here to help you on your journey to lab digitalization with trusted digital lab solutions that enable you to:

Streamline laboratory workflows

Intuitive technologies enable the efficient tracking of sample inventories across the lab

Scale up with less effort

Our suite of solutions mean you can increase experiment throughput with ease and with the confidence that everything is stored securely in one place

Improve data integrity

With digital lab solutions that alert you when there’s an error no matter where you are!

Maximize research output and lab efficiency

Eliminate common lab issues, such as looking for samples and protocols, that typically cost you time and money

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Building Your Digital Lab

We often find ourselves in chaos: “Where is my key? Did I shut the fume hood?

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Sample Safekeeping in the Digital Age

Various approaches exist for optimizing laboratory processes through digital applications...

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Digitize your Sample Journey

The laboratory of today relies on digitization at every step of the experimental workflow.

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How to green &
digitalize your lab

Digitalization has entered our lives, and we’ve seen a big push...

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Research Documentation in the Digital Age

Who in the lab is constantly challenged by time-consuming documentation of laboratory procedures?

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The Rise of the Virtual Lab - Ecosystems

The Bio Revolution” fosters innovations which transform not only our economies, but our societies, and all our lives [1].

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From Ownership to Usership – Your Digitalization Journey to the Future Lab

Prelogue: In the world of science, Eppendorf is known as a lab instrument manufacturer...

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How and Why to Enter the Digital Laboratory

2020 & 2021 have shown us how important digital solutions have become to enable collaboration and to work...

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Blog Posts

Eppendorf Digital Lab Solutions

Man at the bench using the lab management software to control the intelligent lab

Explore the world of VisioNize® Lab Suite

  • Device remote monitoring
  • Sample security
  • Data management
  • Maintenance scheduling


: Someone working with eLab, the electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Learn more about eLAB®

  • Electronic lab notebook for your research documentation
  • Sample inventory management
  • Protocol creation and management
Green tick lights up on the connected pipette, all entered settings have been transferred in digital lab.

Connected electronic pipettes 

Redefine your pipetting routine with the VisioNize pipette manager

: Scientist's hand scanning CryoStorage Vial in digital lab

Sample identification with SafeCode™

Stay organized and know every tube. Ensure sample traceability  and data reliability.

What Digitalization can do for you and your lab

Smart Storage with
the CryoCube® F740hi

By combining the longevity and quality of our existing freezers with digital lab solutions, we have designed a new and more secure way to store your high value samples.

Smart Incubation with
the CellXpert® C170i

Establish cell-conserving user habits by connecting your CO2 incubator to VisioNize Lab Suite.

Smart Cultivation with
Biological Shaker

Experience smart cultivation with biological shaker and VisioNize to help you establish easy and reliable documentation of your device data.