Lost in Samples?
Stay Organized and Know Every Tube.

A reliable sample handling process is mandatory for any further downstream application. Without knowing where your samples are located, what is filled in which vial and what was done with these samples when and by whom – you are lost.

The SafeCode™ system for Eppendorf tubes and CryoStorage Vials is based on a multi-level barcoding for safe sample identification.

Smart sample identification with SafeCode™

Samples are used, shipped, and stored while the identification must be safe. Based on this need, the Eppendorf tubes and CryoStorage Vials take advantage of the 2-/ 3-level coding of the SafeCode system: Barcode-based safe sample identification supported by sticker-free labeling. SafeCode tubes are your way for reliable and traceable work in the lab.

SafeCode CryoStorage Vials are your solution for modern high-density storage with highest sample safety, management, and tracking needs.

Two barcoded cryovials, one standing, one horizontal

Sample ID needed?

Easy and fast sample recognition for safe sample ID by 3-level

  • 1D barcode (side)
  • Clear coding (side)
  • 2D data matrix code with ECC 200 error correction (bottom)

Box with 96 cryovials pre-racked in one vial.

Sorting vials?

Up to 96 pre-racked and pre-capped vials for convenient handling.

Afraid of losing vials?

Lid lock latches ensure safe closing and easy opening of rack for safe storage of sample vials within the rack.




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Hand holding pre-racked vial over scanner-

Scanning more than one in parallel?

The RackScan scans complete Cryostorage vial racks from the bottom and exports different data formats for easy data transfer.


Different volumes required?

Select your volume from 5 to 50 mL and benefit from sample ID:

  • 2D data matrix code with EEC 200 error correction
  • Clear coding

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Optimizing your workflows?

SafeCode is just one stone in the digital Eppendorf workflow. Learn more about the  system.

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Full documentation needed?

Every SafeCode consumable can be tracked byck to Lot number, order number, certificates,…

Benefit from DataPort


Keep track of your samples and processes

When handling your samples, it is vital to keep them safe and accessible. Accurate sample labeling by barcoding is only the beginning, you still need to maintain detailed documentation of your working steps.

Safely collect all information about lab processes in one convenient location. Both barcoded vessels and manually-labeled vessels can be integrated.

Easily track samples and document data with eLABJournal, the  electronic lab notebook with integrated sample management software.


Documentation needed?

Eppendorf DataPort provides all relevant vessel information such as certificates, lot number, drawings, and order number - all online.

Connecting digital dots?

Automatic connection to eLABJournal for time-saving.


Safe Code


Paperwork required?

Keep important documentation like certificates easily accessible for each individual vessel.

Go digital:

Document your working steps, save run protocols, and add further background information to your samples.

Data security mandatory?

eLAB works in accordance to the strict requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

Documentation duties to be fulfilled?

21 CFR part 11 compliance for documentation security.


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