Bioprocess Solution

Recommended Set for culture condition and media optimization

Early process characterization is key to successful process development and tech transfer to larger volumes. Seamless integration of monitoring and control of analytical data into a bioprocess is crucial to understand a process and to overcome manufacturing challenges.
Our bioprocess systems can be equipped with digital and analog sensors. Integrable third-party analyzers allow for an easy optimization of process controls. The Open Platform Communications United Architecture (OPC UA) enables the independent implementation into a process and is superior to older versions in terms of safety, stability and flexibility.

Reproducible results from bench to pilot and production

The Scale Up Assist software of the BioFlo® 320 and BioFlo® 720 simplifies your workflow and takes care of the calculations necessary to scale up and scale down your process. 

  • Calculation of critical process parameters based on either constant P/V or constant tip speed 
  • Select from up to 3 different vessel sizes (software comprises vessel specific data from Eppendorf vessel portfolio and ThermoTM Scientific HyPerformaTM 5:1 Single-Use Bioreactors)

Efficient culture condition optimization

To define the optimal culture conditions for your bioprocess, depending on the system, up to 24 bioreactors can be controlled individually or in parallel, to analyze the effect of varying process parameters.

  • Parallel operation of multiple units to compare changes of individual parameters in parallel or to scale-out your process
  • Universal connectivity to digital and analog sensors
  • Third-party module integration via OPC UA allows the programming of complex feedback loops as functions of different parameters

Risk mitigation

  • Data and event log of alarms
  • Alarm functions automatically stop all running loops if needed
  • Real-time sensor diagnostic anticipate sensor failure

We recommend

BioFlo® 320

+ DASGIP® Process Computer

+ BioBLU Vessel

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