Cell Culture Screening Solution

Recommended incubator shaker configuration for high-throughput screening assays.

Screening assays involve the exposure of PBMCs to new potential antibodies, e.g. to test for toxicity with cell-based assays or ELISA. We dedicated the Cell Culture Screening Solution exactly for these workflow steps - as it supports reproducible assay conditions regardless of the vessel location inside the incubator.


  • Protects from fan-induced medium evaporation or vibrations
  • Supports constant conditions even in busy labs: fast recovery times after door opening
  • Saves costs: up to 73 % reduced gas consumption, up to 25 % more usable space, no internal expendable parts

Easy Cleaning & Reliable Contamination Prevention

  • Seamless chamber, fanless design, and integrated 180 °C disinfection
  • Disassembled in 40 sec: few internal parts
  • Improved contamination protection: 4-segmented inner door reduces exchange with ambient air during door openings


Reliable Conditions

  • Innovative heating concept: multiple temperature sensors at various locations, verified at 27 spots inside the incubator (German DIN 12880)
  • Fast recovery after door opening: no setpoint overshoot, e.g. temperature recovery in less than 1 min
  • Enhanced vibration and turbulence protection even on the top shelf: fanless design

Saves Costs

  • No internal expendable parts: e.g. the absence of fan-associated HEPA-filter replacements saves 5-year-costs of up to 1,000 € or $ 1,200
  • Up to 25 % more usable space: fanless design, few internal parts, innovative insulation concept
  • Significantly reduced CO2 consumption: further reduced by 73 % due to 4-segmented inner door

CellXpert® C170i

Recommended accessories:

+ 4-segmented inner door

+ Humidity monitoring package

+ Coming soon: GxP documentation

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