Cell Culture Versatility Solution

Recommended incubator shaker configuration for hybridoma cultures, establishment of stable cell lines and antibody expression.

Various mammalian cell cultivation steps are part of the mAb-development, like hybridoma cultures, transient expression, and production. The Cell Culture Versatility Solution is tailored to cultivate cells either static or agitated in various flask, plate and shake flask formats. Even the transition from static to agitated in the same environment is realizable.


  • High vessel format flexibility
  • Dual purpose for simultaneous incubation of adherent and suspension cultures
  • Protection of sensitive cultures from medium shifts
  • Easy, cross-contamination free and safe transition between projects supported by the easy-to-clean design and an integrated high temperature disinfection

Dual purpose

  • For shake cultures: up to 5L flasks
  • For simultaneous static cultivation: up to two optional shelves (one included), compatible with plate screening systems like Duetz
  • Rapid change between different vessel formats: adhesive mat (sticky pad) and universal platform
  • Ideal for limited lab space: fits under the bench or stacked in small footprint


Reliable conditions

  • Tight pH control: with CO2 stability over time ±0.2 % and CO2 spatial homogeneity ±0.1%
  • Effective medium evaporation protection:  95% relative humidity at 37 °C
  • Double-door system: the outer window-free door and the inner glass door enable the protection of light-sensitive media and to check cultures without a need to stop shaking
  • Protection of sensitive cultures (e.g. freshly transfected cells) from medium shifts of pH, temperature or concentration by tight atmosphere specifications and fanless design

Rapid & safe set-up for next projects

  • Only CO2 incubator shaker in the market with an integrated high temperature disinfection
  • Effective reduction of spreading airborne contaminants:  easy-to-clean seamless chamber and fanless design

New Brunswick™ S41i CO2 incubator shaker

Recommended accessories:

+ Universal platform

+ Sticky pad

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