Microbiology Screening Solution

Recommended incubator shaker configuration for high-throughput screening assays.

Antibody phage library screening is one alternative method to hybridoma culture to isolate peptide or antibody ligands. This solution is the best fit for the preparation of phage libraries, which includes multiple shaking incubations of the host cell E. coli in tubes, flasks and the later propagation of the phages in 96-well deep-well plates.


  • High capacity for high-throughput applications
  • Parallel screening of up to 81 flasks
  • Plate screening
  • Precise temperature control for highly uniform incubation conditions during parallel screenings

High Throughput

  • Up to twice as many flasks as other shakers in the market
  • Parallel screening of up to 81 x 125 mL or 49 x 250 mL flasks on universal platform 
  • High liquid load and 24/7 reliable performance: Eppendorf X-Drive with five weight-supporting shafts
  • Compatible with microplate holders or manual plate screening systems like the system Duetz

Reproducible Growth Conditions

  • Precise temperature and speed control: temperature accuracy ± 0.1 °C and uniformity ± 0.25 °C (at 37 °C), speed accuracy ± 0.5 rpm
  • Imbalance adjustment: continuous imbalance monitoring with semi-automatic imbalance adjustment function

Reliable Quality Control

  • Data and event log of alarms, chamber temperature, rpm, door openings and more
  • Access restriction to change settings via integrated user management

Innova® S44i
(refrigerated, 25 mm orbit)

Recommended accessories:

+ Universal platform

+ Microplate holder

+ Clamps: 3 x 125 mL

+ 3 x 250 mL + 3 x 500 mL

+ 3 x 1 L

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