Molecular Biology Benchtop Solution

Recommended shaker configuration for plasmid construction and expression in bacteria.

Designing and producing target antigens implies extensive, repetitive molecular biology work. This includes introducing and amplifying the gene of interest into expression vectors, usually plasmids. We composed this solution for growing the transformed, pre and main bacterial cultures, which requires the use of different vessel formats - from small tubes to large Erlenmeyer flasks.


  • Saves space
  • For small to medium throughput: small tubes or flasks up to 3L
  • Constant visual control, minimized disturbances & fast sampling procedures: transparent top-opening hood

Saves Lab Space

  • Compact benchtop design for optimized capacity to footprint ratio
  • Supports 24/7 reliable operation: proven and tested triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive

Vessel Type Flexibility

  • For small tubes or flasks up to 3L volume

Visual Sample Control & Easy Access

  • Clear lid provides excellent visibility and lifts out of the way for easy access to samples

Innova® 40R
(refrigerated, 25 mm orbit)

Recommended accessories:

+ Universal platform

+ Test tube rack (15 – 18 mm Ø)

+ Clamps: 3 x 250 mL

+ 3 x 500 mL + 3 x 1 L

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