Buffer and Reagent Solutions

Recommended set for the preparartion of buffers and reagents.

Preparation of buffers and reagents is required for almost all experimental steps throughout any workflow. And not all liquids are the same. With this solution you are well prepared to transfer liquids of different characteristics in various volumes.


  • Handle challenging liquids hassle-free
  • Basic or advanced solution for low or medium throughput-


  • Volume Flexibility – Select different volume options to fit your individual buffer and reagent preparation from 0.1 µL to up to 100 mL (depending on model).


  • Handling challenging liquids -  Easily adjust your pipette to liquids other than water and change back to manufacturer adjustment within a few seconds (Research® plus). Transfer challenging liquids hassle-free by using the positive-displacement dispenser with appropriate tips (Multipette® E3x with Combitips® advanced).

We recommend


Basic Solution

Easypet® 3

+ Eppendorf Research® plus

Advanced Solution

Easypet® 3

+ Multipette® E3x

Recommended Tips

For Easypet 3

Eppendorf Serological Pipets


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For Eppendorf Research Plus

epDualfilter T.I.P.S.® SealMax

PCR clean and sterile

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For Multipette E3x

Highest purity requirements
No Yes

Combitips® advanced PCR clean
For example preparation of DNA- and RNA-related analysis (e.g. PCR or Kit-based reagent preparation)

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Combitips® advanced Biopur
For example preparation of cell or bacteria media, with important enzymes and target cells involved

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