Microorganism & Cell Transfer Solutions

Recommended set for expression in bacteria or cell lines.

Bacteria and cell culture-based experiments are crucial to characterize and engineer potential monoclonal antibodies. Different volumes of liquids must be transferred under sterile conditions. That’s what this solution is made for! Load plates, fill cell culture vessels or Erlenmeyer flasks for microbiological analyses. Handle cell culture and microbiological routine work quickly whilst benefiting from highly precise and accurate final read-outs.


  • For cell culture & microbiological routine work with various liquid types
  • Speed up cell-based assays with electronic pipettes
  • Basic or advanced solution for low or medium throughput


  • Volume Flexibility – Select different volume options to fit your individual pipetting protocols from 0.1 µL to 100 mL µL (depending on model).
  • Higher throughput - Speed up your cell-based assays with electronic pipettes and take over speed and volume control of aspiration and dispensing steps (Xplorer® plus multi-channel pipette, Multipette® E3x dispenser).

Sample Safety

  • Contamination prevention -  Resuspend your bacteria or cell pellets with minimal splashing by individual speed adjustment for easy and controlled liquid dispensing (Easypet® 3). Completely prevent aerosol contamination by transferring samples in hermetically sealed tips (Multipette® dispenser, Combitips).
  • Intuitive operation – Control dispensing volume on an easy-to-read display stress-free (Xplorer® plus multi-channel pipette, Multipette® dispensers).  Decrease the risk of mistakes during the preparation of cell culture plates with the Multipette® step counter that shows the number of executed dispensing steps.


  • Handling challenging liquids - Precisely transfer challenging liquids regardless of their density, viscosity and volatility (Multipette® dispenser).
  • Reduction of individual errors & user-to-user variation - The electronic Xplorer® plus multi-channel with unique programming options ensures uniform and concentrated pipetting at higher throughput.

We recommend


Basic Solution

Easypet® 3

+ Multipette® M4

Advanced Solution

Easypet® 3

+ Eppendorf Xplorer® plus multi-channel

+ Multipette® E3x

Recommended Tips

For Easypet 3

Eppendorf Serological Pipets


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For Eppendorf Xplorer Plus multi-channel

epDualfilter T.I.P.S.® SealMax

PCR clean and sterile

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For Multipette E3x, Multipette M4

Cross-contamination risk or not easy repeatable experiments
No Yes

Combitips® advanced PCR clean
For example preparation of DNA- and RNA-related analysis (e.g. PCR or Kit-based reagent preparation)

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Combitips® advanced Biopur
For example preparation of cell or bacteria media, with important enzymes and target cells involved

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