Molecular Biology Solutions

Recommended set for a wide variety of molecular biology methods: plasmid construction, expression in bacteria or cell lines, lysate clarification, antigen concentration, FACS/Flow Cytometry, sequencing preparation and humanization.

The drug discovery process of monoclonal antibodies is shaped by basic molecular biology methods. Amplification of DNA or RNA, its purification, digestion and cloning are essential to produce the target antigen, to characterize hits and to select leads. This solution is tailored for easy and fast handling of different liquid volumes across various vessel types to perform a wide variety of molecular biology methods. Benefit from adjustable tip spacing multi-channel pipettes, which can dramatically decrease the time spent pipetting and improve sample safety!


  • Fast, easy and safe format changes by simultaneous pipetting of multiple samples between different vessel types
  • Speed up experiments with electronic pipettes
  • Basic or advanced solution for low or medium throughput


  • Volume Flexibility – Select different volume options to fit your individual pipetting protocols from 0.1 µL to 1200 µL (depending on model).
  • Higher throughput - Speed up your work steps and take over speed and volume control of aspiration and dispensing steps with electronic pipettes (Xplorer® plus, Xplorer® plus Move It®).
  • Fast and easy format changes -  Easily change the tip distance of the adjustable tip spacing pipette Move It® to quickly switch vessel types and formats. Pipette multiple samples simultaneously between different formats and save up to 70 % of pipetting time.

Sample Safety

  • Contamination prevention – Minimize number of transfer steps and increase your sample safety with adjustable tip spacing pipette Move It®, as sample transfer between different vessel formats can be a source of sample cross-contamination.


  • Handling challenging liquids – Maintain precision and repeatability of pipetting results when pipetting liquids of different viscosity, volatility, surface tension or density than water. Easily adjust your pipette to challenging liquids and switch back in a few seconds. Easily adapt aspirating and dispensing speed using an electronic pipette (Xplorer® plus, Xplorer® plus Move It®).
  • Reduction of individual errors & user-to-user variation - Electronic Xplorer® plus pipettes with unique programming options ensure uniform and concentrated pipetting at higher throughput.

We recommend

Basic Solution

Eppendorf Research® plus

+ Eppendorf Research® plus Move It®

Advanced Solution

Eppendorf Xplorer® plus

+ Eppendorf Xplorer® plus Move It®

Recommended Tips

Research Plus, Xplorer plus, Research Plus Move It, Xplorer plus Move It

Time-consuming and cost-intensive sample preparation
No Yes

epDualfilter T.I.P.S.® SealMax
PCR clean and sterile

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epDualfilter T.I.P.S.® SealMax
PCR clean and sterile

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