Smart Cold Storage Solutions

Identification. Documentation. Storage. Monitoring.

Your new and strikingly secure way to store your high value samples.
Our Smart Cold Storage Solutions combine durable high quality freezers with sophisticated digital lab solutions. Know where your samples are located, what each vial contains and what was done when and by whom. Stay connected remotely to your samples & freezers and monitor conditions and performance. Set up your smart and reliable sample storage process!

Safe Long-Term Storage

Fast pull-down

  • Quickly set up after installation or defrosting
  • Rapid reaching of the set temperature (also for bulk samples)

Fast door opening recovery time

  • Minimal temperature fluctuation upon door opening
  • Sample safety even with frequent sample access

Temperature uniformity

  • Sample integrity, especially for sensitive samples such as RNA, proteins or tissues

Green cooling + energy efficiency

  • Responsible and sustainable use of resources
  • Energy efficient without compromising performance


High Capacity Solution

Mid Size Solution

Small Scale Solution

CryoCube F740hi

High capacity freezer with touchscreen interface, green cooling liquids and high capacity for bulk sample storage

+ Freezer Rack for 53 mm/2 in boxes
   (3-compartment, MAX)
+ Cryostorage Vials (0,5/1,0/1,5/2,0 mL)


CryoCube F570h

For medium sample quantity, with 5 individual compartments

+ Freezer Rack for 53 mm/2 in boxes
   (5-compartment, compartment 1-4)
+ Cryostorage Vials (0,5/1,0/1,5/2,0 mL)

CryoCube F101h

Personal freezer with small footprint, compact size and easy sample access

+ Freezer Rack for 53 mm/2 in boxes
+ Cryostorage Vials (0,5/1,0/1,5/2,0 mL)


Stay Ahead & Relax

Get remote access via VisioNize® Lab Suite and know what‘s going on! At anytime. From any location. Monitor sample conditions and freezer performance. Be informed about alarms and events and initiate actions in time.

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