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BioFlo® 720

Scale Up!

Efficient and reliable scale-up is one of the major hurdles in modern biotechnology. To ensure maximum flexibility and scalability, the new BioFlo 720 bioreactor controller is compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ 5:1 Single-Use Bioreactors (SUBs). The well-known BioFlo software has been enriched with a variety of new features to automate your workflow.


  • Touch UI with advanced software
  • Universal sensor connectors (analog and digital options)
  • Three or five Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps
  • Industrial power switch and emergency stop button
  • Mobile stainless-steel enclosure with small footprint
  • Integrated software assistants for:
    • Auto Calibration of DO sensors
    • Auto Inflation of the SUB
    • Scale Up Assist for easy tech transfer from R&D to production

  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific HyPerforma 5:1 SUBs   
  • Advanced gassing options
    • Single or dual sparge
    • Overlay
    • COstripping

BioFlo 720 bioreactor controller with single-use bag

BioFlo 720 Product Video and Launch Webinar

Cell Culture Scale Up with BioFlo 720

Cell Culture Bioprocess Scale-Up Workflow using Single-Use Bioreactors

In this webinar we showcase scale-up of an antibody production process in CHO cells from bench to pilot/production scale. We discuss strategies to prepare seed cultures of reproducible quality in shake flasks. On our new BioFlo 720, we demonstrate a new concept for software-aided scale-up strategy design.

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Reliable tech transfer from the small scale research and development to larger volumes is an essential step in the production of antibodies, vaccines, and other therapeutic treatments.

To overcome the hurdles during scale-up development, we designed a new bioreactor control system that combines hardware and software needed for a successful technology transfer from 50 L through 2000 L.


Process automation already starts with the first set-up steps of a new process.

The BioFlo control software provides an easy to use, yet powerful software solution for the efficient set-up and monitoring of a bioprocess, designed to save time and to increase your productivity.

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Application Driven

Benefit from the advantage of single-use technology to speed up your process.

Single-Use vessels arrive pre-sterilized and can therefore be used immediately after unpacking. Easily select the vessel connected to the controller, and the controller automatically sets controlling parameters. The IP44 stainless-steel enclosure and various documentation packages assisting qualification, make the BioFlo 720 a great system for cGMP biomanufacturing environments.


Modern biotechnological laboratories and manufacturing suites require flexible solutions that can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Incorporating our expertise in the design philosophy and production of modular and scalable systems, we developed a configurable bioreactor control system for pilot and production scale.

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