Protect Your Priceless Samples!

ULT Freezer Performance Plans

Preventive Maintenance

The Eppendorf Ultra-low Temperature Freezer Performance Plans components include a choice of preventive maintenance protocols designed to check, validate and to promote continuous stable freezer performance, optimizing instrument conformity with programmed storage temperatures.

  • The “Essential Check” includes a check of all fundamental functions of the product.
  • The “Advanced Maintenance” includes all preventive maintenance services in order to keep the instrument in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

Our preventive maintenance offerings ensure that stored samples are protected through continuous refrigeration efficiency, reliability, and rapid recovery of storage temperatures to pre-set levels following door openings.

Certification Services

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) certification services ensure your Quality Management requirements are fulfilled, providing you with qualified assurance that your ultra-low temperature freezer is functioning correctly, in accordance with manufacturers specifications.