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When working in SARS-CoV-2-research and vaccine development, reliable results are important. At Eppendorf we want to help you to optimize your results by providing the right equipment and tools.

Now more than ever, it is important to understand the nature of your samples and the likelihood of those samples posing a risk not only to other samples but also to the scientists who are handling them and the wider laboratory.

That scientist is you!

Are the tools in your lab compliant to the IVD Directive? Do they need to be?


To support regulatory compliance in EU and EFTA* countries Eppendorf offers not only its manual pipettes and centrifuges in two versions, but also epT.I.P.S.® pipette tips and Eppendorf Tubes®: EU-IVD compliant CE marked versions according to IVD directive 98/79/EC and "General Lab Product" versions for research use. EU-IVD compliant products give peace of mind by supporting your documentation and accreditation requirements where needed.

It is an easy choice, because both versions follow the same extremely high quality standards at Eppendorf. We are not making any compromises when it comes to precision, accuracy, robustness, safety and ergonomics.

*EFTA: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland

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We help defeat COVID-19

エッペンドルフは、To improve people’s living conditions. という明確な使命を75年間果たしてきました。そのため、現在の新型コロナウイルスによってもたらされている困難の解決は、私たちにとっての使命であり原動力でもあります。COVID-19との闘いにおいて、世界中の科学者、研究者、診断担当者、検査に携わる人々をサポートしています。


  •  グローバルに活躍する従業員の健康を確保する。
  •  新型コロナウイルスに感染しているかどうかを判断するテストの開発や、コロナ    ウイルスに対するワクチンや効果的な薬を探すために必要となる、最新で革新的    な機器と高品質な消耗品を実験室に提供する。




Eppendorf Group-wide Statement on COVID-19 

Business Continuity in Times of COVID-19