Time is of the essence. Cliché as it may sound, there is a lot to catch up to with scientific research after two years of uncertainty and tight movement control. With work life balance being a priority, the scientific community want to achieve more in the same amount of time without compromise. In this regard we strive to provide product solutions that not only increase efficiency and productivity but also, to assist in maintaining reproducibility in experimental results and sample safety. This ultimately contributes to precious time savings whereby doing more in the same amount of time becomes a possibility. Further to this, we provide not only product solutions but also the best practices in laboratories so there is always something new to discover in this Shaping the Future Through your Discoveries page.


    We walk the same path and that is towards scientific discoveries that is in line with our mission statement “Eppendorf contributes to improving human living conditions”.


    Just like how you would send in your car for maintenance regularly, the same applies to your pipettes and other instruments. Run-offs will happen over time and fine-tuning becomes the order of the day. Fine tuning in this sense means having your pipetting tools and instruments serviced and calibrated. This will ensure reproducibility is secured for your research work over the long run. Why choose epServices by Eppendorf?


    • We have over 60 years of experience manufacturing and servicing pipettes
    • Our service technicians and calibration specialists are trained and certified by Eppendorf Academy to repair and calibrate pipettes and instruments
    • Our fully accredited service centers can meet any regulatory needs
    • We provide audit-proof documentation for your peace-of-mind

    With our epServices, Your pipettes and instruments are assured of reproducible performance and prolonged lifetime of use. From now until the end of February 2023, we spotlight on the epServices that we can offer to you across the Southeast Asia region. Have a look at what we have in store for you.


    Webinar: How to Clean and Maintain Your Pipettes

    Pipettes and dispensers are precision instruments that need some care to always work at peak performance. Depending on your application, your liquid handling tools may become a potential source of sample contamination or incorrect pipetting results if not treated properly.

    Join our webinar, receive practical tips on how to clean and maintain your pipettes and learn why regular calibration is important for the reproducibility of your research.


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    Good Days, Bad Days

    It’s true that reproducibility goes beyond techniques and tools. It goes even beyond servicing your tools and instruments. The reason is simple – You are the master of your actions. Your mental state determines your everyday functions. An imbalance would only start a chain of less than ideal actions and consequences. We all suffer from a demanding and sometimes overwhelming challenges in the lab, acknowledging this and taking a step back is the start of your journey to becoming resilient.


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    Get your pipettes a well-deserved rest

    Getting your pipettes checked and calibrated ensure long term reproducibility in your pipetting volumes and extending the lifetime of your pipettes.


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    All at once!

    At Eppendorf Singapore you can calibrate up to 12 channels all at once now with the SpeedCal - Multi-Channel-Pipette Calibration System. This means even better accuracy as not one but up to 12 channels are done simultaneously. There is no question that calibrating your pipettes with us provides long-term reproducibility to your pipetting volumes.

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    Temperature verification for your PCR

    Many factors influence PCR, including setup, components, reaction vessels, environmental changes and the technical parameters of a PCR cycler. In this context, the performance of the thermoblock plays a major role in obtaining accurate and reproducible results. Read about it here


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    Register your product and receive extra benefits:

    • Collect epPoint
    • Year-round raffles
    • Get additional warranty


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    Your options for centrifuge service

    Not sure what is available for your centrifuges and rotors in terms of service and maintenance?


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    Get Your Pipettes Fixed or Trade Them in for New Ones?

    We offer both solutions for you. You can send your Eppendorf pipettes to us for a pipette check. We can then determine whether your pipettes need a calibration, replace a part, or in case of irreparability you have the choice to trade them in for brand new pipettes. There is a promo price for trade-in now until the end of 2022*.

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    *Trade-In is limited to Malaysia & Thailand only.

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