Time is of the essence. Cliché as it may sound, there is a lot to catch up to with scientific research after two years of uncertainty and tight movement control. With work life balance being a priority, the scientific community want to achieve more in the same amount of time without compromise. In this regard we strive to provide product solutions that not only increase efficiency and productivity but also, to assist in maintaining reproducibility in experimental results and sample safety. This ultimately contributes to precious time savings whereby doing more in the same amount of time becomes a possibility. Further to this, we provide not only product solutions but also the best practices in laboratories so there is always something new to discover in this Shaping the Future Through your Discoveries page.


    We walk the same path and that is towards scientific discoveries that is in line with our mission statement “Eppendorf contributes to improving human living conditions”.



    Reproducibility in scientific data is a hallmark in good scientific practice. For any scientists who work with cells, culturing cells is the first crucial step in obtaining sufficient cells for multiple downstream applications. Because of this, getting this first step right from the aspect of reproducibility will have a positive impact to all subsequent steps in a workflow. Here we feature best practices and products in cell culture that contribute to the importance of maintaining reproducibility in your research.


    Cell seeding is usually the first protocol step and a standard procedure in cell-based experiments. A correct and standardized cell seeding protocol is a critical factor for reproducible experimental results. The main challenge in this step is to achieve and maintain comparable cell numbers in all repeated experiments.

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    Rocking, linear or orbital shaking – three different agitation modes all with the same purpose to mix samples. Still, there are differences in the technology and instrument design for you to consider.

    Learn more about the shaking processes and their applications in the lab.

    A reliable CO2 incubator ensures the reproducibility of experiments by minimising atmospheric fluctuations inside the incubator. It is crucial that drastic changes be avoided (e.g. by reducing total door-opening time). Also, the atmosphere should recover rapidly while avoiding significant overshoot.

    Watch how our CellXpert® CO2 incubator achieve this.

    Maintaining reproducibility with the NEW refrigerated Centrifuge 5910 Ri is easy. Its superior temperature management system ensures your most sensitive cell samples are kept cool, even when the centrifuge is operating at maximum speed! Additionally, the intuitive 7 inch VisioNize® touch interface allows you to program and save your most important programs.

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    Webinar: Cell Line Identity - Prevent Cell Misidentification

    Sign up for our joint #webinar with Promega Corporation to learn more about how to prevent cell misidentification by incorporating "Good Cell Culture Practice" into your daily routine. 


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    Get Your Pipettes Fixed or Trade Them in for New Ones?

    We offer both solutions for you. You can send your Eppendorf pipettes to us for a pipette check. We can then determine whether your pipettes need a calibration, replace a part, or in case of irreparability you have the choice to trade them in for brand new pipettes. There is a promo price for trade-in now until the end of 2022*.

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    Take Control of Your mAb Challenges

    Download this comprehensive ebook to receive lots of helpful information on how to tackle the various challenges of mAb discovery. Let Eppendorf assist you with optimising your processes and bring you success in your therapeutic antibody discovery journey!

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    Barcoded Conical Tubes

    Sample labelling is crucial for identification and traceability purposes. Sample labelling is even more important if the sample is stored in a ULT Freezer to minimize the freezer door opening time. Sample label which is falling off from the tubes and unreadable label are common problems that we face in our daily routine in the lab.

    Eppendorf Safecode Barcoded Tubes offer seamless and digital sample labelling, identification and tracking. The barcoded Tubes help to maintain high level of efficiency and productivity in your lab workflow.

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    Find Your Perfect Fit

    You deserve the best laboratory equipment to ensure that your separation tasks run smoothly every time. That’s why our goal is to provide optimized solutions for you and your requirements: From microcentrifuges and benchtop centrifuges to high-speed floorstanding- as well as ultracentrifuges, our extensive portfolio now offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology. Complemented by a wide range of rotors, adapters and consumables, as well as service offerings, our portfolio supports now all of your separation applications.

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    Eppendorf Research® plus Move It® 4.5 mm adjustable tip spacing pipettes

    Ever wondered how you can save precious time when pipetting samples from 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes to a 96-well plate or from a 96-well plate to a 384-well plate? The newly launched Research® plus Move It® 4.5 mm adjustable tip spacing pipette can do just that. Save up to 70% of your sample processing time when you need to transfer liquid from one consumables format to the another.

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