Your Expert Partner in the Lab
    Your Expert Partner in the Lab

    Quality, reliability, experience, innovation — these are words that people worldwide associate with Eppendorf.​

    Eppendorf is offering not only the products but the competency and sophistication to help ease the works of our customers and supports sustainability. From cell culturing, through preparation and final analysis. It is our passion to support you with our services and expertise, as well as sustainable products and digital solutions for reliable work with your samples. As your expert partner in the lab, we create optimal conditions for your research and give you the assurance that your samples are in good hands at every step of the workflow.​

    Your Expert Partner in Centrifugation​

    Eppendorf has been manufacturing high-quality centrifuges since 1964 and their popularity with users has steadily grown over those years. Today, Eppendorf is a household name for benchtop centrifuges. Since 1991, its R&D and production facilities in Leipzig, Germany have played a major role in this ongoing success story. Modern production methods, professional warehousing, highly qualified employees, and a strong commitment to sustainability provide the basis for state-of-the-art products with renowned Eppendorf quality.​


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    60 Years of Pipettes & Tubes​

    Just two years ago we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the piston-stroke pipette. It goes without saying that every pipette out there regardless of its manufacturers has its blueprint based on the original Eppendorf pipette. The same can be said for the Eppendorf microcentrifuge tube that is endearingly called the Eppi®. This year, the 60th anniversary belongs to the original Eppendorf tube. Watch this space as we celebrate this momentous occasion with you through multiple activities that will come your way! ​

    Through the years with Eppendorf pipettes – walk down memory lane with us! ​

    Eppendorf continues to innovate with a range of conical tubes that is made from 2nd generation feedstock ​



    The legacy and competence in Liquid Handling and Centrifugation provide us the know-how and expertise to continue with the motivation to offer other innovative lab products to our customers, among other, the ULT Freezers. The ULT Freezer is beyond a box for sample cold storage, it is meticulously engineered with users’ needs in mind.​

    Innovation to look for in an ULT Freezer -​

    • Short pull-down time​
    • Fast door opening recovery time​
    • High temperature homogeneity​
    • Flat Gasket technology​
    • Low energy consumption and a sustainable Freezer​

    Designed with your needs in mind!​


    The latest addition to our portfolio - high-speed​ floorstanding- and ultracentrifuge​

    Eppendorf is now able to offer you a broader range of centrifuges with the high-speed floorstanding and ultracentrifuges.​

    We now offer solutions for broader application needs of up to 150,000 rpm (1,050,000 x g) and capacity up to 6 L.​

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    Say hello to the new epMotion®

    Eppendorf's new generation of epMotion® liquid handlers is a game-changer for labs looking to streamline their workflows and increase productivity. ​


    Be the first to experience the difference.​

    Want a peace of mind about your sample safety when you are not in the lab?​

    • Wish to monitor your ULT Freezer remotely during off working hour and weekend?​
    • Want to receive an alert notification when your freezer experienced power outage or when an error occurred?​

    Discover more how VisioNize Lab Suite* could assist you on the above​

    *Currently only available in Malaysia and Thailand, and soon Singapore.

    Webinars and Training​

    Eppendorf Lab Channel is a virtual platform where anyone can watch webinars for free, along with new product and application demonstrations. Peek over the shoulders of Eppendorf experts and let the details and insights illuminate the lab world.​


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    Did You Know?​

    myEppendorf is where we give back and you benefit. Collect epPoints® and save towards attractive rewards. ​

    How? Always check your new consumables for epPoints codes! Remember to register new devices to get up to 100 epPoints, 10% discount for the next e-shop purchase and an additional 3 months warranty on centrifuges, shakers, incubators and cyclers.  ​

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