Your Expert Partner in the Lab
    Your Expert Partner in the Lab

    Quality, reliability, experience, innovation — these are words that people worldwide associate with Eppendorf.​

    Eppendorf is offering not only the products but the competency and sophistication to help ease the works of our customers and supports sustainability. From cell culturing, through preparation and final analysis. It is our passion to support you with our services and expertise, as well as sustainable products and digital solutions for reliable work with your samples. As your expert partner in the lab, we create optimal conditions for your research and give you the assurance that your samples are in good hands at every step of the workflow.​

    Sustainability is a hot topic, and scientists are increasingly aware of the need to adopt sustainable practices in the laboratory. This includes using sustainable tools, instruments, and consumables. However, sustainability is not just about the environment. It is also about the people who work in the lab. Long hours of repetitive tasks can lead to work-related injuries, so it is important to provide scientists with the right tools and a comfortable environment.

    Eppendorf is committed to providing both sustainable and ergonomic products for scientists. For example, the new Centrifuge 5427 R uses hydrocarbon cooling instead of fluorinated hydrocarbons, which is a more sustainable choice. We have also introduced a new range of pipette tips and tubes that are made from used cooking oil, which are a more sustainable alternative to fossil-based plastic tips and tubes. In addition, our pipettes and consumables are designed according to the PhysioCare philosophy, which focuses on ergonomics and comfort.

    By providing sustainable and ergonomic products, we are helping scientists to protect the environment and their own health and well-being.

    Gearing Towards a More Sustainable Lab?

    We touch upon multi-faceted aspects of operating a sustainable lab, but the discussion always starts with the energy consumption of the lab instruments.

    One of the instruments that consume more energy is the 24/7 instruments, for instance the ULT Freezer. The question is how can we strike a balance between securing the safety of our precious samples while maintaining low power consumption of the Freezer? The answer to that – meticulously select the ULT Freezer that you would like to bring to your lab. Among the aspects to look for are the use of green refrigerant, the type of sealing gasket, pull down time, heat output, etc.

    Interested to find out more about what makes a sustainable ULT Freezer?

    Make an appointment with us so we can walk you through.


    Green & Ergonomic Pipettes

    The Research® plus family of pipettes give you the best of both worlds - sustainability for you and the environment.                            

    • Spring loaded tip cone requires only a firm push down for secure tip attachment leading to less force is needed for tip ejection                        
    • SOFTeject is a two-step tip ejection technology that reduces tip ejection forces by 50% with our multi-channel pipettes                        
    • Ejector button has a large surface area for comfort during tip ejection                        
    • Light weight with equal weight distribution across the pipette body                        
    • Certified with an ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label so that you can make informed and sustainable choices                         
    • Made in a facility that is 100% powered by renewable energy                        
    • Extend its lifetime use through our epServices                        

    The Research plus pipettes is on promo now. Scroll down to the promo section for details.   

    Sustainability for Centrifuges

    Besides pipettes, centrifuges are one of the mostly used instruments in the lab. Literally all protocols and workflows require one or more steps where samples need to be centrifuged or spinned

    Learn more how can you find a sustainable centrifuge. For you and the environment.

    Can Your Tube be Both Sustainable & Ergonomic?

    The answer is yes! Take for example the use of our see-through amber tubes. Its ergonomic feature allow you to easily see where you pipette with its see-through amber while protecting your light sensitive samples. At the same time you no longer need to wrap your tube with aluminum foil and that is one less waste to deal with. ​

    Learn more on how ergonomic Eppendorf Tubes are! ​

    Our 25 mL Conical Tube Amber & Other Variants are 15% OFF now   ​

    The NEW epT.I.P.S.® BioBased ​

    These pipettes tips are made of 90% bio-based polypropylene. They are available in the new Reload variants that significantly reducing plastic waste and represent our serious attempt to decouple single-use consumables from the usage of fossil resources.  The Reload are available in the following formats:​

    1. epT.I.P.S.® BioBased Reloads ​
    2. ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.® BioBased Reloads​
    3. ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.® SealMax® BioBased Reloads​

    The new Reloads fit perfectly into the well-known epT.I.P.S.® Box 2.0 and work just like their fossil-based counterparts.​

    Meet your sustainability targets with our epT.I.P.S.® BioBased


    New Family Member of Our Barcode Consumables

    Meet the latest addition to Eppendorf Barcode Consumables Product Portfolio – the Safecode Plates.

    The Safecode Plates are available in 3 variants namely the Safecode DWP, Safecode twin.tec PCR plates and Safecode MTP. Safecode Plates come with the 2D Datamatrix code and 1D barcode for seamless sample identification and traceability in the lab. It also promotes efficiency and productivity in high throughput sample handling.

    Register your interest to find out more and get some samples for testing!



    Get Your Personal Under-Bench ULT Freezer!

    Facing space challenges in your lab and yet still need an ULT Freezer near to your working space?
    Take a look on this innovative Eppendorf under bench ULT Freezer. It can accommodate up to 66x of 2 inches boxes. This green freezer has low power consumption, fast door recovery time and high temperature homogeneity.

    The Improved CryoCube® F101h

    Register your interest for a sales call and our Territory Manager will reach out to you!


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