Irreplaceable! epT.I.P.S.<sup>®</sup> Racks for Utmost Safety Requirements
Irreplaceable! epT.I.P.S.® Racks for Utmost Safety Requirements

There are always important reasons where working with reloads is not a solution. But even for disposable racks, we found a way to reduce the amount of plastic. Our “Reduce & Reuse”-principle for the new epT.I.P.S. design made it possible to save between 20 % to 35 % polypropylene compared to predecessor racks for pre-sterilized pipette tips. This new design combines significantly less raw material consumption and thus corresponding waste reduction with optimized functionality.


  • 20 % - 35 % less PP
  • Slim rack size – easy to carry
  • Lid with locking option – for more tip and handling safety
  • Optimized stackability – for all sizes
  • Quick tip identification through new product labeling

100 seconds to learn what is new and how it works

See each detail of the newly designed disposable Racks in our 3-D-animation. Watch and read what has been changed compared to the predecessor epT.I.P.S.

Racks and learn about additional benefits. All information provided in our animation is available on the two-page flyer “New Racks – Improved Sustainability”

Our contribution to sustainability in the laboratory

Eppendorf is very much aware of its social responsibility when it comes to sustainability and the environment. At the same time, we know about the key roles that plastic consumables play in the laboratory. Many tasks within the realm of research and development could not be performed to the current high standards of quality, precision, and reproducibility without lab consumables made from plastic. The balance between the demands of modern science and the concern for the environment with respect to plastic waste represents a central challenge for the management of a life science laboratory.

We at Eppendorf have taken on this challenge by following the “Reduce & Reuse”-principle whenever and wherever possible. We have already achieved this goal with our new packaging formats for our single-use racks and our reusable boxes. More and more customers employ the reusable box and refill epT.I.P.S. pipette tips from reloads or bags (bulk).

Reduce & Reuse – this will continue to be our motto for the development of new Eppendorf laboratory consumables. We continue to invest capital, as well as time, in the research of more environmentally friendly alternatives to the commonly used single-use plastics. The biggest challenge always is to assure that a switch will not compromise the products’ quality and function and, as a result, the quality of the results generated in the lab.

So – stay curious and expect only the best from Eppendorf – also for sustainability in the laboratory.

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