How Your Research Will Benefit From Eppendorf Xplorer® Pipettes

Intuitive Operating Concept

Easily select all modes with the selection dial – no more getting lost in submenus! The rocker allows precise control of the motor-operated piston and follows the unique “up is up” (aspiration) and “down is down” (dispensing) principle. Using the rocker, the aspiration or dispensing process can be stopped at any time – just as with your mechanical pipette. The color display features a high viewing angle and different brightness settings and clearly shows all adjustable parameters in nine different languages.

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Renowned Eppendorf Ergonomics

Designed according to the principles of the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®, Xplorer pipettes are lightweight, well-balanced and feature a convenient handle that helps you hold the pipette securely without having to grip it too firmly. Irrespective of hand size, all control buttons can be reached naturally and with ease. Spring-loaded tip cones* facilitate easy and safe tip attachment and the Eppendorf SOFTeject technology in multi-channel variants with fixed tip spacing reduces tip ejection force by up to 50%.

*in all single- and multi-channel pipettes with fixed tip spacing up to 1 mL

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Your Choice: 48 Variants

Eppendorf Xplorer pipettes are available as 1-, 8-, and 12-channel pipettes. The Xplorer plus version with an expanded feature set is additionally available with 16 or 24 channels and as a Move It® adjustable tip spacing pipette variant. Xplorer is the right choice for moving into electronic pipetting. Choose Xplorer plus for additional pipetting modes and added features such as programmable protocols, password protection, and service reminders. Select Xplorer plus Move It when your application requires an efficient transfer of liquid between different vessel types such as tubes, plates or gel.

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Precise Pipetting – Fast or Slow

While electronic pipetting generally helps you to speed up your work, sometimes slower pipetting speeds may be just what you need. With eight different speeds that can be individually set for liquid aspiration and dispensing, Xplorer pipettes are particularly well suited for cell culture tasks and any other application requiring slow and/or constant pipetting speed. Using low aspiration speeds, the stress on cells is significantly reduced, minimizing the risk of cells dying or not proliferating.

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Details That Matter

Eppendorf Xplorer plus pipettes have a number of helpful tricks up their sleeves: "History" supports you in quickly accessing volume and speed settings you have used before. A service interval warning reminds you of every calibration. Pre-programmed adjustments for altitude, different liquid types or elongated pipette tips as well as individual adjustments in 1, 2 or 3 points facilitate reproducible results in a broad spectrum of applications. And, unlike many other electronic pipettes, all Xplorer lower parts are fully autoclavable!
Never miss a new feature! Keep your Xplorer up-to-date with the latest software updates without a service technician:

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Get Even More out of Your Xplorer

Convert your pipette to a connected device with the Eppendorf Xplorer connect WiFi module, and redefine your pipetting routines with the Pipette Manager.* This standalone touch server allows for even more ease of use and quicker setting of features while giving ad hoc guidance for ideal settings when working with challenging liquids. Choose from predefined liquid types such as acetone, or create your own! Further features for easy documentation of pipetting steps will be added soon.

*Available in selected markets

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A Versatile Tool

Xplorer single-channel pipettes cover a volume range from 0.5 μL to 10 mL; multi-channel variants are available up to a volume of 1,200 µL. Beyond standard (forward) pipetting, the Xplorer electronic pipette family offers a variety of pipetting modes:

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Eppendorf Xplorer electronic pipettes are suited for almost any liquid handling task in the range of 0.5 μL to 10 mL. Here are just some examples where they can really show their strengths:

  • PCR, plate assays: Distribute Master mix and reagents quickly and reproducibly in 96- and 384 well plates with Dispensing mode, reduce bubbles & improve reproducibility for low volumes with Reverse pipetting mode
  • ELISA: Use Pipetting and mixing mode to smoothly homogenize samples several times
  • Standard curves: Accurately dispense several series of different volumes with Sequential dispensing mode
  • DNA/RNA: Benefit from high throughput and avoid degradation due to long handling times, improve chip loading reproducibility in NGS with constant pipetting speeds (App Note 369)
  • Cell culture: Reduce stress on cells with low aspiration speeds (App Note 442), work efficiently with Pipetting and mixing to mix cells and Dispensing mode to add reagents
  • GMP/GLP regulated work: Ensure data integrity with History and Programming features, monitor calibration intervals and protect the pipette with a password

And if you need a solution for volumes beyond 10 mL or especially challenging liquids with high viscosity, density or volatility, make sure to try the Multipette®/Combitips® system:

Multipette system

Choose your Eppendorf Xplorer electronic pipette and enjoy ergonomic, efficient pipetting with precisely adjustable parameters and reproducible results!

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