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Request a demo: epMotion® 5075t NGS Solution

Product Information

NGS Made Easy - The epMotion 5075 NGS solution combines automated liquid handling and unique software features with the accessories and high-quality consumables you need for reliable Next Generation Sequencing library preparation and maximum NGS kit flexibility. Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation is a labor-intensive process, which requires experience, precision and accuracy to generate high-quality NGS libraries. Automating Next Generation Sequencing library preparation eliminates the risk of pipetting errors, provides reproducible results and increases your productivity. A vast list of automated Next Generation Sequencing sample prep methods has been qualified by kit manufacturers and customers to deliver sequencing results that are comparable or better to those from manual preparation. In addition, an intuitive software interface allows for ease-of-use and rapid method design, while providing the needed flexibility to optimize even the most complex Next Generation Sequencing workflows.