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CO2 Incubators

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About CO2 Incubators


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CO2 Incubators – Frequently asked questions and helpful resources

Below you find an overview of helpful resources related to CO2 incubators including videos, white papers, articles including answers to FAQs, posters and more (in English language).‌

CO2 Incubator Maintenance ‌

Easy cleaning, reliable contamination prevention

Prevention of lab downtime and sample loss is essential for you to deliver cell culture results in time? You cannot afford to spend too much time and money on standardized cleaning of your cell culture incubator, documentation or on changing costly, non-sterilizable, fan-associated HEPA filters?

  • 180°C high temperature disinfection with illustrated step-by-step instructions on screen and downloadable performance protocol for standardized procedures
  • Minimal internal incubator parts removed in 40s and wiped quickly
  • Nowhere to hide for contaminants and cleaned fast: Smooth, seamless incubator chamber
  • Fanless design
  • No non-sterilizable fan-associated HEPA filters that can become potential contamination sources
  • Options for copper and segmented inner doors for additional protection
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