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Building Your Digital Lab

Lynn Philip, Tobias Wingbermühle, Zareh Zurabyan Lab Academy

We often find ourselves in chaos: “Where is my key? Did I shut the fume hood? Is the PCR cycler due for maintenance again? I think I missed my bus home - let’s order an Uber.” The good news is, that nowadays, many digital tools can help us manage our private life more easily and increase our productivity in an efficient and sustainable manner. Your lab life and thus your research projects can benefit from many new digital solutions as well to save time, money and avoid headaches.

Have you ever thought about the impact of digital tools on your digital health? As new technologies emerge, they shape a more reliable way to manage data and people in the lab, however they need to be selected and implemented in a smart way. In this webinar, we will focus on the benefits of a connected digital laboratory and discuss why every lab should invest in connected digital solutions to enhance data integrity, increase efficiency and save money.

Key take aways from the webinar:

  • What is digital health in the laboratory?
  • How your lab benefits of investing into connected digital tools?
  • How you can avoid disconnected data siloes?
  • What you should consider while selecting digital tools?
  • What solutions are currently available for your lab?

Covered areas in the session:

  • Data Management, Data Collection, Digital Lab, Connected Lab, Data Integrity, How to ensure Digital Health, Open Ecosystems, Lab Management, Device Management, Sample Management, Avoiding Data Silos

Date & Time:

  • Tuesday, 04 Oct 2022, 3 pm CEST


  • Zareh Zurabyan, Head of eLabNext Americas, Eppendorf Group
  • Tobias Wingbermühle, CCO & Co-founder, Clustermarket
  • Lynn Philip, Head of Portfolio Management, Eppendorf SE

Bio Speakers:

Zareh Zurabyan is a former biochemist researcher in the biofuels industry who has dedicated his career to improving human health by systematically assisting research and development-based labs with tech innovations to be successfully implemented in laboratories. As Head of eLabNext Americas, Zareh focuses on building a healthy Digital Strategy for labs, through Lab Digitization (ELN/LIMS), product innovation, automation, AI, and deeptech by establishing a sustainable infrastructure for laboratories. Learn more about eLabNext.

Tobias Wingbermühle is the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Clustermarket, the leading equipment scheduling and management software. He has over 8 years of sales and marketing experience in the scientific sector and has started two businesses. Learn more about clustermarket.

Lynn Philip is the head of portfolio management, digital solutions at Eppendorf SE. She is passionate about leveraging technological innovations to improve laboratory experience and to accelerate efficient scientific work. Lynn studied biochemistry at University at Buffalo and business management at University of Connecticut. She has spent 13+ years in product management in Medical Device & Life Science companies. At Eppendorf, Lynn is responsible for VisioNize portfolio of digital products that facilitates lab operations teams and scientists to make the most of their assets. Learn more about VisioNize Lab Suite.

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