NGS Automation Starts Here

NGS Automation Starts Here

Experts in Liquid Handling since 1961

In 1961, Eppendorf launched the first commercial piston-stroke pipette, a tool that has transformed scientific research. Our comprehensive liquid handling portfolio now includes everything from manual and electronic pipettes to fully automated workstations. With the epMotion® series of liquid handlers the transition to automation is made easy.

In NGS workflows, there can be difficult pipetting steps which require attention to detail, such as the handling of magnetic beads, PCR setup, and sample normalization. With the epMotion, automating these routine tasks is simplified, with trusted pipetting accuracy and precision, generating a high-quality library for sequencing.

Streamline your NGS workflow with the epMotion®:

  • Trusted pipetting accuracy and precision from 200 nL to 1000 µL
  • User-friendly step by step programming with epBlue™– no software experience necessary
  • Labware and liquid verification using an optical sensor
  • Automatic switching of pipetting tools – 1 channel and 8 channel
  • Wide variety of accessories – tube racks, vacuum modules, height adapters and reservoir racks
  • CleanCap option with UV lamp and HEPA filter – Optional for epMotion® 5073 & 5075 version

Many next-generation sequencing library prep kits have been pre-optimized and qualified on the epMotion® with guidance from manufacturers or directly at a customer site. If additional support is needed, our application team can program methods specific to you and your lab.

epMotion® Method Overview

Note: This table shows some commonly automated applications, but is not a full list of applications that can be automated on the epMotion. If you have a question about a specific application that you would like automated on the epMotion, please contact us.

For more information on the epMotion series of liquid handlers, please visit our eShop page.

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