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Bioprocess Service

Bioprocess maintenance — see the advantage!

Technologically demanding products require first-class service to ensure that the results they produce are optimized. Customers can rely on Eppendorf Bioprocess Service Technician for superior support for their bioprocess products, beginning with startup of the system. The services range from technical support and troubleshooting to delivery of replacement parts on short notice and customer-specific maintenance programs. As with all complex technical systems, Eppendorf bioprocess equipment should be maintained regularly to keep all parts in good working order. This maintenance avoids cost-intensive down times and contributes to preservation of value. We recommend a complete preventive maintenance once a year. Additionally, we encourage users to execute certain maintenance actions prior to every run or in regular cycles (e.g. every month). We will be happy to advise.

Contact us

If you require service or technical support, please contact us.
  • Asia/Pacific/Africa
    Email: Bioprocess-service-support-apa@eppendorf.com.sg
  • China
    Email: market.info@eppendorf.cn
  • Europe
    Email: bioprocess-support@eppendorf.de
  • Latin America
    Email: service@eppendorf.com.br
  • North America
    Email: BPSalesSupport@eppendorf.com

Software and firmware updates

Software and firmware revisions are made available, so that all users can benefit from the latest performance enhancements.

Bioprocess performance plans

Eppendorf Bioprocess Performance Plans help you to maintain the optimal performance of your equipment over years of frequent use. Download the flyer for your system to learn more.

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