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Amplification Ergonomics - Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®

Amplification of DNA is a commonly used technique in molecular labs. Literally every lab owns at least one or two PCR cyclers.
The user interaction is limited to handling the heated lid, loading the sample vessels, and editing the PCR program.

Is it closed now?

There are different closing mechanisms for cycler lids. User satisfaction varies as well. Neither turning wheels nor small hinges are comfortable to handle.
An ergonomically shaped and free-moving lid handle let you conveniently open and close the cycler lid.

Scientist working in the laboratory, closing the heated lid of the Eppendorf PCR cycler.

Who knows how to …?

Standard labs use a broad range of different instruments. Every instrument has a different kind of interface. Interaction needs to be learned.
Standardized user interfaces make handling of different devices as easy as possible. You know one, you know all.
Equipment touchscreens should provide an intuitive arrangement of all information.

Annoyed by the loud cycler near the bench?

Many PCR cyclers create a lot of noise due to their ventilation system. Noise is disturbing when executing an accurate process in the lab like pipetting a 96-well plate.
Noise reduction of the cycler by smart air channeling within the instrument results in convenient working conditions – even right next to the PCR cycler.

Two Eppendorf Mastercycler X50h with touchscreen interface located at the bench of a laboratory.