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Product Information

Ease up on your pipetting routine with the Eppendorf Pipette Manager. Transmit volumes quickly, receive pipetting guidance by the software-embedded Liquid Manager when working with challenging liquids and digitally document your pipetting activities. The standalone plug'n'play system connects up to 30 Eppendorf Xplorer® electronic pipettes (any variant, incl. Move It®) and tablets.
Who doesn't enjoy greater freedom and convenience when it comes to pipetting? Be ahead of the curve! Switch to connected electronic pipettes and boost your individual pipetting skills while bringing teamwork up to a new level.

• How fast can you set the parameters in your electronic pipette? You can be faster by selecting your volume and pipetting speed via touch screen
• How accurate are your results when pipetting challenging liquids? You can be more accurate with guidance for pre-defined liquid classes
• How do you document your pipetting steps? You can be confident with digital records of your pipette activities

Redefine your pipetting routine with the Pipette Manager!