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Rotor R20A2

Catalog No. 5721221005

Product Information

  • aerosol-tight, fixed-angle rotor, High-Speed Pelleting Kit 8 x 50 mL, incl. 8 x 50PP tube and M-PP lid
  • for Centrifuge CR30NX
  • Max. capacity: 8 x 50 mL (Nominal capacity)
  • Max. speed: 48000 × g (20,000 rpm)

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Accessories (12)

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                      Technical Data


                      Specifications Rotor R20A2
                      Max. RCF 48000 × g
                      Max. capacity 8 x 50 mL 
                      Autoclavable yes 
                      K-factor 424 
                      Separation example For differential pelleting of subcellular organelles/compartments in tubes with 8 x 50 mL. 
                      Included tube/bottle 8 x 50PP tube and M-PP lid 
                      Rotor type fixed-angle rotor 
                      Rotor/Lid material aluminum 
                      Borehole angle 34 °
                      Rotor capacity1)
                      Rotor detachable method quick setting 
                      Cover material aluminum 
                      Max. speed 20,000 rpm 
                      Max. radius 107.4 mm

                      1)Please perform a manual test to determine the actual loading capacity.