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Monoclonal antibody research relies on a variety of different approaches that require the handling of liquids, bacteria or cells. To achieve great results, you are dependent on reliable and ergonomic pipettes . Eppendorf Manual Liquid Handling Solutions provide you with the best tools to master routine pipetting work. Achieve highest accuracy and precision whilst keeping you and your samples safe. No matter if low- or high-throughput. For any type of sample and liquid. Transfer multiple samples across various vessel types and save valuable time. Speed up work steps, accelerate assays and improve reproducibility.

Load 384-well plates within seconds. Enjoy best-fit liquid handling solutions tailored to your mAb drug discovery!

Discover the LIQUID HANDLING workflow solutions

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Hit to Lead Discovery

Production of Target Antigen‌

Generation of Hits and Identification‌

Characterization of Hits & Selection of Leads‌

Lead Optimization

Characterization of Leads‌

Protein Engineering of Antibody Leads‌

Transient Antibody Leads Expression‌

Candidate Validation

In Vitro Validation‌

Cell Line Development‌

Pipette & Calibration Service

Regular maintenance and calibration is fundamental for the precision and accuracy of pipettes and dispensers. Our stringent and validated procedures are followed to the highest standards, aimed to prevent uncontrolled downtime or unnoticed dispensing errors. Ensure persistent precision and accuracy of your pipettes and dispensers as basis for high quality results!

Request your individual support

Your own dedicated expert assists you in finding the perfect match for your specific mAb workflow. Get your individual consultation!

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