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epMotion® Service-Report

  • The service report contains information on the selected device and the last ten applications that ended with an error message.
  • The service report is exported as an encrypted file.
  • Please contact your responsible epMotion specialist or Eppendorf technician before creating a service report.

Instructions how to create a service report:

  • On the epBlue start screen, open the "Report" application.
  • Select the device from the "Used Devices" list.
  • Press the "Create Service Report" button.
  • Individual applications can be excluded from the export, as appropriate.
  • Press the "Export" button.
  • Select the destination folder.

When creating the service report on an EasyCon, a USB stick must be connected. The file name cannot be changed. The file name consists of the date, time, and serial number of the device.

  • Press the "Save" button.

The selected applications are exported as an encrypted file.

Instructions how to send a service report:

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