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BioFlo® 320 Bioprocess Control System

Highly Evolved

Whether your process includes cell culture or fermentation, autoclavable or single-use bioreactors, the BioFlo 320 seamlessly combines form and function in one state of the art package. A robust industrial design, intelligent sensors, Ethernet connectivity, and enhanced software capabilities are only a few of the features that set it apart from the competition. Combined with a sincere commitment to quality, the BioFlo 320 truly is the premium choice in bench-scale bioprocess control systems.


  • Touch UI with improved BioFlo control software
  • Wide range of supported vessel types and
    sizes (0.4 - 40 L)
  • Control up to eight units from a single user interface
  • High-powered direct and magnetic drive motor assemblies
  • Four universal connections for analog or digital Mettler Toledo ISM sensors
  • Interchangeable TMFC drawers for sparge and overlay gas flexibility
  • Unique variable/fixed speed front-mounted pumps
  • Integrated software assistants for:
    • Auto Calibrate - automatic calibration of all connected DO sensors at once
    • Scale Up Assist - Calculation of important process parameters for an easy tech transfer from R&D to production

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BioFlo 320 Product Video

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Small footprint... big impact

From R&D laboratories to pilot-scale production facilities, lab space is an important factor when selecting the right equipment. The BioFlo 320 bioprocess controller offers flexibility, better control, and maximum functionality while occupying a fraction of the valuable lab space of similar systems. This means greater efficiency and productivity at a lower operating cost for your lab.

Application Driven

The next generation of our BioFlo 320 bioprocess control system combines the benefits of a classical industrial design with the power of our improved BioFlo control software.Developed to be used in cGMP regulated environments, Emerson® and Eppendorf have partnered to develop seamless communication between the DeltaVTM distributed control system and the BioFlo 320 bioprocess control system. Our open communication protocol exposes controller information allowing it to be integrated into broader features and functions of the DeltaV platform, simplifying tech transfer, scale-up, and recipe sharing in bioprocess research and process development.


Seamless transition of your process from 400 mL to 40 L and beyond. In combination with the BioFlo 720 bioreactor control system, we designed a bioreactor control platform that supports one of the widest range of single-use solutions, allowing the scale-up of your process to up to 2,000 L.The updated and improved BioFlo software ensures a consistent user experience across all BioFlo control systems and comes with new features to improve your process.

Application flexibility

Suitable for the use in all labs, from academia through pilot-scale production, for batch, fed-batch, perfusion, and continuous processes, the BioFlo 320 bioreactor control system allows the universal control for mammalian, stem cell, insect, microbial, plant, and/or algae cultures. Whether secreted product, vaccine, or monoclonal antibody production, suspension or adherent cultures, micro-aerobic, anaerobic or exothermic fermentation processes the control station offers highest application flexibility. Easily scale-up or scale-down modeling any bioprocess.

Ease of Use

The new release of the BioFlo software ensures a consistent user experience across all BioFlo control systems and comes with new features to improve your process. Develop your process with the BioFlo 320 and seamlessly scale-up from 50 L – 2,000 L with the BioFlo 720 bioprocess controller. New software features such as the Auto Calibrate and Scale Up Assist function simplify your process, mitigate risk, and help to save time.

Risk Mitigation

Parallel processing is key to efficiently optimize a process or to produce reproducible results. Eight units of the BioFlo 320 bioreactor control system can be connected to each other and controlled by a single unit. The control software gives valuable insights into all processes, such as current process parameters, and the lifetime of connected digital sensors.

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