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ViscoTip® - Syringe Tips

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Let it flow! ViscoTip syringe tips have been optimized for handling the most viscous of liquids of up to 14,000 mPa*s (e.g., glycerol 99.5 %, liquid detergents, collagen, oils, nail polish, shampoo, ointments). So, if you need to dispense high viscosity liquids and you want to do it with ease, turn to ViscoTip from Eppendorf.

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    • Eppendorf Quality
    • 10 mL, orange, colorless tips
    • 100 pcs. (4 bags × 25 pcs.)
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    Catalog no. 0030089502

    Product Information

    Technical Data



    Easily master the highest viscosity liquids with your Multipette® from Eppendorf!

    The latest member of the Combitips® advanced dispenser tip family, ViscoTip syringe-style positive displacement tips, are specifically designed and optimized for handling high viscosity liquids up to 14,000 mPa*s such as glycerol 99.5 %, Tween®, oils, creams, shampoos, nail polish - even honey. Save time by dispensing up to 100 times with one filling, and with sharply reduced operating forces, dispensing is faster and your Multipette® battery charge lasts longer.
    Automatic tip recognition and volume calculation of ViscoTip syringe-style dispensing needles by the MultipetteM4 and MultipetteE3/E3x multi-dispenser pipettes make your routine work more efficient. Our Application Note 376 provides a framework for recommended working speeds and measurement errors for various high viscosity liquids.