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Your Project Matters

Researchers from all over the world speak about their projects

We interviewed scienctists from all over the world about their scientific projects, motivations and dedication to science. Watch the interviews and take your part in the "Your project matters" community.

60 Years of Pipetting.

2021 marks a key milestone for anyone working in a lab. 60 years ago, Eppendorf changed the ways of liquid handling forever with a new product type that enables today’s scientists to talk and pipette simultaneously! In 1958, German physician Heinrich Schnitger at the University of Marburg filed for a patent describing a “device for the fast and exact pipetting of small liquid volumes”. Eppendorf recognized the potential and developed it into the first industrially manufactured piston-stroke pipette.

Support Matters.

Your daily research creates the foundation for new discoveries which lead humanity into new eras. You work tirelessly day and night, stay motivated and focused on your work every day. For the big picture that the world sometimes doesn't even notice - or appreciate. We want to change that! This is why we at Eppendorf have the mission to be a strong partner alongside scientists who dedicate their lives to scientific research.

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