Why are you a proud owner of an Eppendorf product?

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  • Matthew Nov 12, 2021

    While there are a lot of great products out there, Eppendorf products have been the most reliable and consistent for me. Especially their pipettors. They also feel more premium, on top of their functional superiority.

  • Yoko Nov 11, 2021

    Eppendorf is the best choice.

  • Chantelle Venter Nov 10, 2021

    The Eppendrof Research plus pipettes makes research so much easier, accurate and comfortable. You can always rely on your Eppendorf pipettes!

  • Pardeep Birk Nov 08, 2021

    This will be 1st attempt after so many +15 yrs cannot wait to use it and discover any new developments.

    Eppendorf is a truly recognised supplier of pipettes with ease of use, accuracy, service/maintenance/calibration was seamless too. Brillant product

  • Ivo Nov 08, 2021

    Since we are still using 20 year old eppendorf-pipettes I finally was allowed to enter the 21th century. I ordered the E3 which now is used all the time.


    Selten haben wir bei einer Bedienungsanleitung so gelacht. Unter dem Punkt Anwendungshinweise steht tatsächlich: Anwendung dieser Anleitung. Herrliche, typisch deutsche Anleitung.

  • Ian Nov 05, 2021

    Most repeater pipettes have very limited options for dispensing volumes (usually 5-microliter increments). However, the E3x allows me to dispense 49 microliters of PCR master mix. This is life-changing.

  • Cassandra Nov 04, 2021

    As this is officially my first pipette, I am thrilled that it is a high quality product that can meet the caliber of my research needs!

  • bony Nov 03, 2021

    We met when I was a student and we haven't left each other since.


    You will never regret to buy this brand. Trust me


    ENDURANCE: Have high endurance with our chemist uses it all the time, with many hand use it. It still can last long. The longer micropipette we have it 10 year already still can be use.

    ACCURATE: can give accurate pipette even after heavy use for all day and many hands uses it. Love this micropipette. Consistence in pipette volume

    SIMPLES: the design well grip and easy to handle with our Southeast Asian hand.

    Yielding: micropipettes is flexible with our demand of use.

  • Marcela Urbina Martinez Oct 25, 2021

    Our team works hard to help others, and in the chaos that Covid left behind, nothing ensures you can work due to products are in short stack. With Eppendorf, even though it is hard to find tips, we can ensure that we always have what we need.