Bioprocessing Food

From searching for an advanced yeast in breweries to production processes of nutrition supplements –  pilot to production scale fermentors and smart software will help you all the way through.  

  1. Preculture
  2. Strain selection and media optimization
  3. Process development
  4. Pilot and production


Precultures are the link between molecular modification and bioprocessing. The stackable Innova® 44/44R shakers fulfill all demands of user-friendly and reliable shake-flask cultivation. Its triple-eccentric drive mechanism provides worry-free, 24/7 shaking and the large LCD panel displays all pertinent parameters.

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 44/44R
    • Stackable — up to three units for maximum space saving
    • Triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive in cast iron housing provides vibration and trouble-free operation for years
    • Quiet operation provides a favorable work environment
    • Shaking speeds between 25 – 400 rpm (+/- 1 rpm)
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  • Photometers
    • Data transfer via USB interface
    • Help box with explanation of each individual step in five languages
    • Perform UV/Vis, Vis, fluorescence or kinetic measurements
    • Minimized stray light effects to perform highly reproducible OD600 measurements
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  • Pipettes
    • Ultralight pipettes according to Eppendorf PhysioCare concept
    • Fully autoclavable pipettes available
    • Fixed-volume pipettes and multichannel options available pipette tips
    • Contamination-free pipetting with ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.®
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Strain selection and media optimization

Whether searching for a advanced yeasts in brewery, proper bacteria in dairy industry or a powerful production strain for nutrition supplements the DASbox® is the superior tool for screening. Small working volumes, parallel operation of up to twelve and more bioreactors and applying Design of Experiments allow for fast, reliable, and cost-effective processing.

  • DASbox®
    • 60–250 mL working volume
    • Precise control of 4, 8, 12 or more bioreactors in parallel
    • Optimal tool for Design of Experiments (DoE)
    • Fully liquid-free exhaust condensation
    • Fully mass flow-controlled gas mixing
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  • Automation
    • epMotion systems are available in three sizes, all designed with minimal footprint
    • Self-checking robotic system, that reduces startup time
    • High precision dispensing tools for 1 to 1000 μL in one or eight channels (autoclavable)
    • Flexibility for ThermoMixer, vacuum or magnetic separation, UV & HEPA
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  • Microvolume cuvette
    • Microvolume measuring cell for measuring 1.5 - 10 µL sample volumes
    • Low self-absorption (≤0.05 A @ 260 nm)
    • Hydrophobic surface coating on quartz glass for precise formation and positioning of the sample volume
    • Simple cleaning to minimize the risk of sample carry-over
    • A defined angle for folding the sides of the cuvette quarantees reproducible handling
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Process development

Modern bioprocess development takes increasing numbers of experiments and generated data into account. Our smart and flexible DASware® Software Suite offers peace of mind: It enables comprehensive data- and information management, interconnectivity of bioreactors with external lab-devices, Design of Experiments (DoE), and remote control.

  • Parallel Bioreactor Systems
    • Parallel operation of four, eight and more independent bioreactors
    • 0.2 – 3.8 L working volume
    • User-friendly temperature control options
    • Modular design of control units for flexible system configurations
    • Precise control of all critical process parameters
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  • BioFlo® 115
    • Bench scale systems for complete versatility
    • Flexible for aerobic and anaerobic fermentations
    • 0.4 – 10.5 L working volume
    • Fully customizable trend screen, cascades, and data logging for localized process control
    • Multiple impeller and gas flow options
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Pilot and production

Production processes in the food and beverage industries are multifaceted and constantly evolving. The modular design of the Eppendorf stainless steel fermentors facilitate these process requirements by allowing the addition or removal of options at any time - at an impressive volume range up to 2400 L.

  • BioFlo® 610
    • Pilot to production scale fermentor
    • Sterilize-in-place technology
    • 13 – 100 L working volume
    • Small footprint and mobile skid for simplified transport
    • Diverse range of specialized impellers
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  • BioFlo® Pro
    • Large scale industrial system
    • Sterilize-in-place technology
    • 32–2400 L working volume
    • Modular design with several field-upgradeable options for easy customization
    • Multiple impeller and gas flow options
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