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Seed. Proceed. Reproduce.

For hiPSCs, hMSCs and other ECM-dependent cells

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Eppendorf CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs cultureware – Ready-to-use, xeno-free and synthetic

Cultivating iPSCs, MSCs, primary cells or other ECM-dependent cells? Tired of lot-to-lot coating media variation/validation, tedious preparation and increased contamination risk? How about a defined synthetic, xeno-free surface for stable long-term expansion of your stem cells?

Eppendorf CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs cultureware is ready-to-use. It can be also used under restrictive culture conditions (serum- and xeno-free media). Find out how it can improve your stem cell culture below…

See detailed expansion analysis on hiPSCs and hMSCs or a list of tested cells, media and reagents in the Download section.

  • ready-to-use
  • xeno-free and synthetic surface
  • for restrictive culture conditions
  • shelf life of 36 months at room temperature
  • GMP-compliant

Ready-to-use cultureware for hiPSCs and hMSCs

Eppendorf CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs cultureware is ready-to-use ECM-mimetic cultureware for human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). It is also suitable for other cell types and culture conditions and provides a fully defined synthetic fibronectin-derived motifs coating. This supports a predictable expansion and differentiation of hiPSCs and hMSCs (see detailed expansion analysis in the Download section below). 

hiPSCs: Efficient long-term expansion of hiPSCs in a completely synthetic culture system

  • Supports efficient long-term hiPSC expansion in a completely defined, animal- and human-component-free culture system for 25 passages
  • Consistent and robust growth rate
  • Typical morphology remains stable (Fig. 1A)
  • hiPSCs remain undifferentiated and maintain functional pluripotency
  • Maintenance of trilineage differentiation potential after long-term expansion (Fig. 1B) while exhibiting normal genomic integrity

Fig. 1: Cell morphology (Fig. A) and trilineage differentiation potential (Fig. B) after long-term expansion of hiPSCs on the CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs surface

Advantages vs. self-coating

Self-coating of cell culture consumables comes with several disadvantages that can be circumvented by using ready-to-use, synthetic surfaces. The fully defined surface supports a predictable expansion and differentiation of various (stem) cell types by synthetic fibronectin-derived motifs. 

  • Significantly lower experimental variability by defined surface
  • No expensive lot-specific performance verification of coating media necessary
  • No time-consuming, tedious preparation and vessel number planning needed
  • No increased contamination risk by cultureware preparation and storage
  • No vessel or coating media dissipation

Further advantages

Reproducible results with synthetic surface coating

Eppendorf CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs cultureware is coated with synthetic fibronectin-derived motifs (optimized steric configuration to mimic ECM proteins) with high lot-to-lot production consistency. There is no need for expensive and time-consuming lot-specific performance verification of coating media.  

Xeno-free material

Manufactured using animal- and human-component-free materials

Compatible with many reagents and media

Compatible for many dissociation reagents, as well as serum-, animal- und human component-free media. Find out more.

Easy logistics due to shelf life of 36 months

Shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacture (stored dry at 15 °C to 30 °C) - Compare to your current (stem) cell culture consumables, increase your experimental flexibility and optimize purchasing conditions.

High-quality base material

Polystyrene, meets requirements of USP Class VI. See also certificates for leachables, trace metals etc. and compare to your current cultureware.

Manufactured compliant to ISO 13485

Manufactured with Quality Management System (QMS) compliant to standard QMS (e.g., ISO 13485)

Various general & lot-specific certificates


  • Leachables
  • Trace metal release
  • Production conditions
  • Purity and cytotoxicity


  • Free from RNase/DNase, human DNA, bacterial DNA, endotoxins
  • Sterility assurance level (SAL 10–3)
  • Cell growth test

Optimized to protect your precious cells

You would possibly not recognize them at first glance but Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables offer various truly innovative features to protect your precious cells and media. The main features include:

  • Structures for increased temperature stability outside the incubator
  • 100% Mycoplasma-safe by advanced filter technology
  • Several handling aids for safer transport and stacking of vessels
  • Improved vessel opening geometry for safe and effective access to growth area

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Improve your stem cell culture reproducibility now.


Here you can download detailed expansion analyses on hiPSCs and hMSCs-BM, including growth rate, morphology and differentiation potential during multiple successive passages + comparison to competitors like Corning® Matrigel®.

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