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Single-Use Bioreactors


About Single-Use Bioreactors

Single-use bioreactors from Eppendorf combine the trusted performance of stirred-tank design with the advantages of one-time use.

BioBLU Single-Use Bioreactors are rigid-walled stirred-tank bioreactors, which can serve as a viable replacement for traditional glass bioreactors. BioBLU Single-Use Bioreactors are available in different sizes for scalable bioprocesses with working volumes from 65 mL to 40 L. BioBLU c Single- Use Bioreactors are optimized for the cultivation of animal cells whereas BioBLU f Single-Use Bioreactors are designed for microbial fermentation.

Eppendorf offers reusable glass bioreactors for cell culture and microbial applications as well.

What is a single-use bioreactor?

What are the advantages of single-use bioreactors?

What are the differences between single-use and reusable bioreactors?

BioBLU® Single-Use Bioreactors are build on decades of experience in the field of polymer products

Decades of experience in the field of sophisticated polymer products were key to the development of BioBLU Single-Use Bioreactors.

  • Bioreactor body and head plate comprised of single layer injection-molded plastic not containing softeners.
  • The use of virgin raw materials eliminates risks from the use of recycled materials.
  • Eppendorf sources all raw material directly.

Widely compatible with Eppendorf bioprocess controllers

The BioBLU Single-Use Bioreactors are compatible with small- and bench-scale bioreactor control systems from Eppendorf. These bioreactor controllers are also compatible with glass bioreactors. BioBLU Single-Use Bioreactor Adaptor Kits facilitate the conversion of your bioreactor system from single-use to reusable bioreactors and vice versa. Like this, a one-time investment in a control station gives you continuous choice between disposable and reusable bioreactors. BioBLU Single-Use Bioreactors can be connected to selected third-party bioprocess control systems as well. Please contact your Eppendorf sales representative for more information.