Smart Sample Storage
Identification, documentation, and secure long-term storage

When handling hundreds, thousands or even more samples in research laboratories you need a systematic approach: Samples need to be collected, vessels to be labeled, both to be combined with additional information, information needs to be documented, vials with samples need to be stored at -80°C for later research purposes.

A reliable sample storage process is mandatory for any further downstream application. Without knowing where your samples are located, what is filled in which vial and what was done with these samples when and by whom – what shall you do?

By combining the longevity and quality of our existing freezers with digital lab solutions, we have designed a new and more secure way to store your high value samples.

Learn more about the smart storage process:


Identify your sample

Left hand is holding barcoded cryovials and the right hand is holding the scanner.

Identify your sample – quickly and easily

Reliable sample identification – your starting point for good results: The Eppendorf SafeCode™ system provides prelabeled, barcoded cryovials, also known as cryo vessels, with 3-level coding in multiple formats to safeguard your samples and improve your processes.

Be flexible by using different volume classes (0.5-4 mL) and purity levels.

Two barcoded cryovials, one standing, one horizontal

Sample ID needed?

Easy and fast sample recognition for safe sample ID by 3-level coding:

  • 1D barcode (side)
  • Clear coding (side)
  • 2D data matrix code with ECC 200 error correction (bottom)

Box with 96 cryovials pre-racked in one vial.

Sorting vials?

Up to 96 pre-racked and pre-capped vials for convenient handling.


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Hand holding pre-racked vial over scanner-

Scanning more than one in parallel?

The RackScan scans complete Cryostorage vial racks from the bottom.







Track your samples and processes

One hand holding white tablet vertically while right hand touching the interface.

Keep track of your samples and processes

When storing your samples, it is vital to keep them safe and accessible. Accurate sample labeling by barcoding and proper storage in freezer boxes is only the beginning, you still need to maintain accurate records of the treasures in your freezer and detailed documentation of your working steps.

Safely collect all information about your valuable samples and lab processes in one convenient location.
Easily track samples and data with eLABJournal, the  electronic lab notebook and integrated sample management software. eLABInventory provides you a sample management system.


Laptop shows software eLABInventory.

Fast sample finding required?

Intuitive user interface includes visual inventory browsing for easy handling.

Safe documentation needed?

Track and trace function for audit trail and 21 CFR part 11 compliance for documentation security.


Laptop shows eLABInvenotory.

Paperwork required?

Keep important documentation like certificates easily accessible for each individual vessel.

Go digital:

Document your working steps, save run protocols, and add further background information to your samples.


Screenshot of the Eppendorf DataPort webpage

Tech data documentation needed?

Eppendorf DataPort provides all relevant vessel information such as certificates, lot number, drawings, and order number - all online.

Connecting digital dots?

Automatic connection to eLabJournal for time-saving.

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Store your samples

An alley of freezers with one freezer opened by a woman wearing gloves.

Protect what matters – safe storage at -80°C

How much effort did you spend on your samples? Did you ever calculate the value within your ULT freezer? High-value samples can represent an huge monetary investment. Many samples are even irreplaceable.

The CryoCube® F740 series of ULT freezers provides you with safe storage for up to 576 freezer boxes (740 L). Green cooling and efficient insulation are future-proof. Choose between a touch screen or classic display.

One finger is about to touch the touch interface.

Stored device data

on site through VisioNize touch interface

Fast re-access needed?

Automatic vent port for fast re-opening

80°C mandatory 24/7?

Fast pulldown time of just 250 min to - 80°C and fast recovery after door opening back to -80°C


One hand  moving the door handle.

Less force needed?

Comfortable door handle for easy opening, supported by our PhysioCare Concept®

Access control required?

Personalized electronic access codes, when necessary





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One hand holding the metal freezer rack, while the other hand is holding the rack of the SafeCode system.

Burdened by unsorted vials?

Make your life easier, store your samples in freezer storage boxes within organized metal freezer racks

Which rack fits?

Take advantage of the Eppendorf rack configuration tool


Visit rack configurator


Sample condition monitoring and freezer performance

Lab user opens the freezer door while holding the rack in his left hand.

Trust in sample safety and performance with VisioNize® Lab Suite

It’s 2 a.m. in the morning & and the phone rings...» There is an alarm in your lab, you‘d better come over…« That kind of call is not welcome.

By subscribing for your VisioNize Lab Suite, you can fully leverage the built-in capabilities of the ULT freezer and enjoy your smart freezer. Your valuable samples will be on cloud 9 with VisioNize services at your side. Stay connected to your ULT freezer from any location and have more time for your research as well as your private life.

Screenshot of the touch interface showing the device navigation.

Stay ahead – be informed about alarms

Be the first one informed about issues with alarm and error notifications via email and SMS text messages.

We keep you productive and optimize the performance. Be informed about alarms and events like:

  • "Door open longer than 0:30 min."
  • "Temperature above alarm limit -70 °C."
  • "CryoCube F740hi: Mains power failure. Check power supply to the device."
Screenshot of the touch interface showing the device navigation.

Relax - monitor the performance when needed

Benefit from remote access to your freezer performance data by using VisioNize Lab Suite. Check the device performance from any end device with internet connection at any time and from any location.

Check the temperature charts and scroll through the event list to check user interventions e.g. door openings and setpoint changes.

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Important note
Depending on your country, VisioNize and the VisioNize services may not be available. You can either check the Eppendorf eShop or contact your Eppendorf Sales representative for details.