Eppendorf eProcurement - Punchout

In addition to hosted catalogs, we also offer Punchout. A Punchout website is a standard eCommerce website with the special ability to communicate directly with your eProcurement platform and return your shopping cart back to your internal eProcurement system. Common formats like OCI and cXML are supported. 

We can provide: 

  • Level I Punchout which allows you to search for products and services within the individual Punchout
  • Level II Punchout which allows you to use the search functionality in your environment to search for products without leaving your eProcurement environment. Through the hit list, you can jump directly to an individual item instead of repeating the search once landing in the specific Punchout 
  • Live Price allows for an up-to-date price to be displayed within the Level II catalog. With this function, you can see the pricing and add an item to your cart without having to punchout to the product page

In the Punchout environment, you benefit from up-to-date product information, technical data, service offerings, promotions, quote to order, stock availability and much more…

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