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Cell Culture Bioprocess Scale-Up Workflow from Bench to Pilot/Production Scale using Single-Use Bioreactors

Transferring a biologic candidate from the research and development phase to commercial production usually requires increasing the working volume of the upstream bioprocess. During scale-up, process performance optimized at small scale needs to be reproduced at larger scales, ideally without much need for process optimization at large working volumes. This requires reproducing the quality of the seed culture and the cells’ growth environment across scales.

To streamline scale-up, bioengineers commonly use bioreactors with similar geometries at all scales and keep one or more parameters constant between vessels of different sizes, such as kLa, power input per volume or tip speed. Therefore, to design a scale-up strategy, data on scale-up-relevant engineering parameters need to be available for each bioreactor planned to be used. These parameters include vessel geometries, power numbers, and oxygen transfer capabilities.

In this webinar we showcase scale-up of an antibody production process in CHO cells from bench to pilot/production scale. We discuss strategies to prepare seed cultures of reproducible quality in shake flasks. We demonstrate a new concept for software-aided scale-up strategy design, which considers vessel parameters of differently sized Eppendorf BioBLU® Single-Use Vessels and Thermo™ HyPerforma™ Single-Use Bioreactors.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Get to know a bioprocess workflow from shaker to pilot scale.
  • Discuss scale-up strategies used in cell culture bioprocessing
  • Learn, how the scale-up assist software feature of the new BioFlo 720 bioprocess control station can support scale-up strategy design
  • See the benefits of scalable single-use bioreactors for cell culture bioprocessing from bench to pilot/production scale

Target group

  • Lab managers and research scientists interested in scaling-up their upstream cell culture bioprocess from bench to pilot/production scale
  • Lab managers and research scientists interested in single-use solutions for upstream bioprocessing

This webinar is part of a virtual event. By attending the live webinar you will  also have access to the Eppendorf Planet of Knowledge Platform on which more engaging and educational content about bioprocess scale-up will be provided.

Date & Time: This webinar took place January 14, 2021 at 10am EST| 3pm BST| 4pm CEST


  • Amanda Suttle, Research Scientist, Bioprocess, Eppendorf Inc.
  • Dr. Ma Sha, Head of Bioprocess Applications, Bioprocess, Eppendorf Inc.
  • Rich Mirro, Business Manager, Bioprocess, Eppendorf Inc.

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