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Update Your Pipette
Update Your Pipette

NEW: Update the firmware of your electronic pipette with the Eppendorf Pipette Sofware Update Tool

Meine Forschung, Mein Traum
Meine Forschung, Mein Traum

WhatsNext 2/2021 - Entdecken Sie unsere neuesten Produkte und Aktionen

Facelift for Reusable epT.I.P.S.<sup>®</sup> Box
Facelift for Reusable epT.I.P.S.® Box

The new box is now called Box 2.0

Introducing: VisioNize<sup>®</sup> Pipette Manager
Introducing: VisioNize® Pipette Manager

Be amongst the first to evolve your electronic pipette – click for more info!

Handling Solutions

Eppendorf Handling Solutions

To make your job in the lab easier and more efficient – with this goal in mind we are developing products and solutions in the areas of Liquid Handling, Cell Handling, and Sample Handling. Reproducible results, optimized workflows, pipetting skills, and the challenges in cell culture to name just a few topics presented in this online sphere.

Dive into the area of your choice, learn new things, and have fun as well!

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