The Next Level
The Next Level

Explore the possiblities with the new Eppendorf Conical Tube format of 25 mL

Tip Top Quality for Your Lab
Tip Top Quality for Your Lab

Eppendorf epT.I.P.S.® for the highest accuracy demands - click here to buy!

NEW: Eppendorf Research<sup>®</sup> plus 8- and 12-Channel Pipettes 1.200 µL
NEW: Eppendorf Research® plus 8- and 12-Channel Pipettes 1.200 µL

Perfectly suited for working with large volume deep well plates

Our Technology - Your Product
Our Technology - Your Product

OEM-Projects with Eppendorf

SciVario<sup>®</sup> Twin
SciVario® Twin

The Newest Member of our Bioprocess Product Family

Handling Solutions

Eppendorf Handling Solutions

To make your job in the lab easier and more efficient – with this goal in mind we are developing products and solutions in the areas of Liquid Handling, Cell Handling, and Sample Handling. Reproducible results, optimized workflows, pipetting skills, and the challenges in cell culture to name just a few topics presented in this online sphere.

Dive into the area of your choice, learn new things, and have fun as well!

Handling Solutions Liquid Handling Cell Handling Sample Handling