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DASGIP® TC4SC4 for Temperature and Agitation Control

Product Information

Efficient mixing and accurate temperature control are indispensable to achieve optimum growth conditions, especially for mass and heat transfer in microbial cultivation. Mammalian cells require smooth mixing with low shear stress. The DASGIP TC4SC4 module for temperature and agitation control in cell culture or microbiology provides individual temperature and agitation controls for four bioreactors.

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    • without sensors
    • for DASGIP® Bioblock and overhead drives (TC4SC4B), for 4 vessels
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    Catalog no. 76DGTC4SC4B

    Product Information


    DASGIP TC4SC4 Modules for Temperature and Agitation Control provide individual stirring speed and temperature control for four bioreactors. Depending on the overhead drive stirring speeds ranging from 30 to 1,600 rpm can be achieved. For temperature control the TC4SC4 supplies four electrical outlets to switch cooling valves. The TC4SC4B module allows a seamless integration with the compact temperature control system DASGIP Bioblock.

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