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Smart Storage with the CryoCube® F740hi

Man opening a smart freezer by Eppendorf.
By combining the longevity and quality of our existing freezers with digital lab solutions, we have designed a new and more secure way to store your high value samples.

The smartness in your freezer for complete control

Our CryoCube F740 “I” smart freezer models are equipped with our VisioNize® touch interface offering you the opportunity to check the freezer performance whenever you want directly on-site.

The VisioNize touch interface of the CryoCube® F740hi freezer allows monitoring on site of the device

Further benefits of the VisioNize touch interface in your smart freezer:

Advanced access control:

Integrated advanced user management:

Recurring tasks:

Access to your most vulnerable and high-value samples is controlled via automatic door lock linked to the user management of the device
The integrated freezer monitoring system prevents uncontrolled access to samples and changes to setpoints and settings offering comprehensive traceability.
Define recurring tasks for maintenance, service or other custom tasks and focus meanwhile on the most time-consuming work - Your research!

Transform your freezer into smart storage

By subscribing for your VisioNize Digital Lab Space, you can fully leverage the built-in capabilities of the lab fridge and enjoy your smart freezer . Your valuable samples will be on cloud 9 with VisioNize services at your side.

All data from your freezer will be saved in your personal VisioNize Digital Lab Space allowing unlimited storage capacity. There is no limitation in terms of chart or event capacity.

An Eppendorf freezer linked by colored lines with various electronic devices such as a computer and a smartphone.

VisioNize notifications

Stay ahead and keep your samples safe

Receive notifications when they are highly needed! With VisioNize notifications, we keep you productive, meanwhile avoiding downtown of your freezer. Respond to issues quickly with alarm and error notifications.

Be informed about alarms and events like:
  • “Door open longer than 0:30 min.”
  • “Temperature above alarm limit -70 °C.”
  • “F740hi: Mains power failure. Check power supply to the device.”

Man using a phone to remotely monitor the temperature of the freezer in the laboratory.

VisioNize freezer monitoring system

Know immediately what’s going on without being there

For each one of us, it is difficult to have our eyes and ears all around. This also counts for keeping an eye on the samples in our freezers. We do not underestimate the effort you spent on every single sample – from simple buffers to high-value cell extracts, expensive enzymes, or very rare sample material.

But worrying about the safety of your high value samples turns now into a thing of the past with VisioNize.

With VisioNize, you can remote temperature monitoring via internet at any time and from any location.

A couple of scientists checking the monitoring dashboard of VisioNize on the computer.
Man in the lab using VisioNize for monitoring the lab devices and a sign that says ´Subscribe now free of charge´.

Interested in a Demostration?

Make an appointment with one of our product specialists.

Important note
Depending on your country, VisioNize and the VisioNize services may not be available. You can either check the Eppendorf eShop or contact your Eppendorf Sales representative for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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