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Revolutionizing Cell and Gene Therapy:
Stirred-Tank Bioreactors and Exosome Research

Workshop SCCD 2023:

Although the workshop "Cultivating Success: Strategies in Stem Cell Cultivation and Exosome Isolation" was an exclusive, non-recorded event, its essence remains integral to our ongoing dialogue in this field. Over 40 participants gained insights into cultivating stem cells using state-of-the-art stirred-tank rigid-wall bioreactors. The workshop emphasized the significance of monitoring, control, and process automation, alongside practical advice for exosome isolation.

With more and more developments in the cell and gene therapy, there is an increasing need for stem cells or stem cell derived products such as exosomes. In the workshop, we shared insights into strategies on how to cultivate stem cells in stirred rigid-wall bioreactors, discussed the importance of monitoring, control, and process automation and shared hands-on advices for exosome isolation. Most eukaryotic cells release membrane-derived vesicles, also called extracellular vesicles (EVs) that can have an impact on both neighboring and distant cells. EVs are spherical cytosol fragments surrounded by lipid-bilayer membranes and hydrophilic proteins, similar to cell plasma membranes, and composed of various bioactive molecules, including RNAs, DNAs, proteins, mRNA, microRNA, and lipids. With the increasing interest in the research applications of exosomes, it becomes more and more important to require reproducible methods of cultivation and purification of EVs.

Did you miss the workshop?

As advancements in cell and gene therapy continue to accelerate, the importance of innovative cultivation methods for stem cells and stem cell-derived products, such as exosomes, is more crucial than ever.

While the workshop will not be available for replay, we invite you to watch our on-demand stream of our latest webinar: "Breaking Boundaries in Process Development: Unleashing the Power of Stirred-Tank Bioreactors for Cell and Gene Therapies." This webinar will expand upon the themes discussed in the workshop, providing you with further insights and developments in stirred-tank bioreactors and their application in cell and gene therapies.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming event and the opportunity to register for the workshop at our next stem cell community day.